Hypersensitivity is not a disease

You’re not hypersensitive? You’re not normal! 😄

I’m hypersensitive if…

  • I feel emotions intensely, both my own and those of others.
  • My perceptions, senses, intuition and felt sense are developed.

Hypersensitivity is a natural state

All animals are hypersensitive.

Babies are born hypersensitive.

The natural state of human beings is to be hypersensitive.

It’s refusing to feel my emotions and blocking them out that’s not normal.

Why are some people hypersensitive and others not?

Emotions are judged as negative, and it’s often the emotionless, “good as gold” child that adults value.

Under these conditions, children repress their emotions and construct characters in order to be loved.

Most children succeed. But if I repress my emotions, sooner or later they will resurface, for example in the form of burn-out.

Hypersensitive children are those who live their emotions intensely.

Most of the time, they are spiritually evolved beings who have returned to experience the third dimension. They have transcended the ego in other lives, and no longer have any interest in rebuilding a shell to protect themselves.

Bomb anger

It is possible to become hypersensitive

Traumatic events or conditions of prolonged stress can awaken hypersensitivity in some people.

Or it’s possible to rediscover my sensitivity through introspection.

A few years ago, I had little or no emotion. I never got angry. I thought that was my deepest nature. As I explored myself, I discovered that I was blocking the flow of emotions within me. As I gradually healed many emotional wounds, my sensitivity awoke. Until one day, I realized that I had all the characteristics of a hypersensitive person! And I live it perfectly well.

Welcoming emotions

Being hypersensitive means experiencing my emotions naturally. Difficulties arise when I don’t know what to do with my emotions.

So I will :

  • Feel emotions continuously.
  • Overreact, causing misunderstanding and rejection from those around me.
  • Get tired quickly, and need to isolate myself to recharge my batteries.
  • Be controlled by my thoughts.
  • Try to over-protect myself.
  • Suffer.

But I don’t need to fight anything.

The key is to accept the emotions that arise, and to heal my deeper wounds.

How can I do this?

By learning how to deal with my emotions.

Why do I feel the emotions of others?

As a hypersensitive person, I am not an emotional sponge. It’s just that other people’s emotional wounds resonate with my own.

It is easy to blame others for my own emotions. But I am responsible for everything I feel.

Whenever someone awakens an emotion in me, I can observe it in my body and accept it.

Hypersensitivity is a strength

Emotions are not negative, they are opportunities for transformation.

When I fully accept who I am, I become myself again.

Then my sensitivity ceases to be a burden and becomes an asset.

Hypersensitive people:

  • Pick up a lot of information.
  • Can be guided by their intuition.
  • Feel sensations and energies.
  • Show compassion and empathy.
  • Have extra-sensory abilities.
  • See beyond appearances.

Humanity needs hypersensitives to transform itself!


Hypersensitivity is not a disease, it’s a natural state.

All human beings are hypersensitive. It’s just that most of them are bogged down in their emotional wounds, blocking their felt sense.

The time has come for humanity to:

  • Learn to accept its emotions.
  • Stop putting hypersensitive people in a box.
  • Become hypersensitive.

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