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How to stimulate cell regeneration?

Singing to motivate my cells. 😄

Self-healing ability

I am made of thousands of billions of cells, all of them coming from the first cell.

Each of them carries the baggage of that original cell, which is my essence.

The attributes of regeneration are also present.

In other words, I have the ability to recreate myself entirely if my body is altered.

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What is cellular degeneration?

Billions of cells die every day, it is the cell degeneration.

Depending on their function, some live for a few hours or a few years.

It is a natural wear and tear process… to a certain extent.

These days, my cells are degenerating much faster than they should.

The degeneration is accelerated because of stress, inadequate food, lack of inner listening, etc.

In reality, the human being is naturally designed to live three or four centuries.

What is cellular regeneration?

Billions of cells are also born every day, it is the cell regeneration.

It occurs naturally, in particular:

  • During sleep.
  • When I breathe.
  • During the acceleration of the blood circulation.

If degeneration is faster than repair, I get older.

Cell production

New cells come from :

  • Cell division.
  • Repair of altered cells.
  • Manufacture of stem cells.
  • Transformation of healthy organ cells into stem cells.

A complete organ can be fully recreated by stem cells.

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How to promote cell regeneration?

Fortunately, there are several ways to :

  • Reduce degeneration.
  • Enhance regeneration.

Increasing my vibration

When my frequency is low, my cells deteriorate rapidly, which can lead to diseases.

This is mainly due to:

  • An unbalanced life.
  • Unhealed emotional wounds.
  • Limiting beliefs.
  • A lack of alignment with my essence.

I can transform all these aspects of my life that weigh me down.

The more I increase my vibration, the more my self-healing capacity increases.

Communicating with my cells

The cells are my real brain.

When they can’t perform their functions properly, they let me know.

Cellular communication is mainly the ability to listen to the signals of my cells, in the form of :

  • Inspirations.
  • Sensations.
  • Symptoms or diseases.
  • Images.

It is by being present to myself, in a state of serenity, that I can listen to myself internally.

Everyone has the capacity to be guided by their cells towards self-healing.


It is the organ of cellular regeneration.

It is important to have a healthy thymus.

A hormone detox can help to cleanse this endocrine gland.

Then, it can transform itself to promote reconstruction.

Bone detox

Stem cells are produced in the bone marrow.

I can start a bone detox to optimize cell production.

Being in wonder

Cellular reconstruction requires a state of joy.

I can imagine my cells as little beings working in a good mood.

By recovering the awe for life around me, I am in the best position to regenerate.

Oxygen breath

This breathing provides oxygen to the cells.

It can be practiced several times a day.

  • Breathe in completely through the nose.
  • Hold for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Exhale slowly through the nose.
  • Breathe normally.
  • Repeat 2 or 3 times.


Bisabolol is for external use only.

This natural compound helps damaged cells to repair themselves.


Bakuchiol is an anti-aging product that promotes cell division.

It is also used in massage, and penetrates the skin until it reaches the organ to be regenerated.

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How to stimulate cell regeneration?

Mainly by raising my vibration.

This is a full process that requires a state of love, joy, alignment and inner listening.

In other words, I can stimulate regeneration through my own stimulation.

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