How to recover the awe?

Isn’t it wonderful to be in wonder? 😄

What is the awe?

Wonder means to fill with amazement and joy.

Awe is my natural ability to delight in what I see, touch, hear, smell or taste.

It is much more than appreciation. It is widening my eyes because I sense something greater.


  • Contemplating a starry sky.
  • Discovering the gift my child has made me.
  • Being fascinated by a magician.
  • Shedding tears while listening to a beautiful song.
  • Flying through the clouds, looking out the window of the plane.

Looking at life like a child

However, generally I rarely marvel.

When I’m in the thick of things, I forget to perceive the beauty of the world and the magic of life.

Yet, when I was a child, I was amazed by everything: a caterpillar, a firework, a snowflake.

Why did I lose this natural ability as I grew up?

When I awaken spiritually, I become aware that I have constructed a character, which is not the real me.

As I gradually free myself from the ego, I shed the layer of seriousness that I have added over simplicity.

Then, I can find my eyes of child, and my capacity to be astonished.

How to feel wonderment?

The key to be myself again is introspection.

I can get help from a therapist or a psychologist, but most of the way is left to discover on my own.

It is about healing my emotional wounds.

I can read this article: What to do in case of emotion?

This way, I can find lightness again.

I was inspired by the subject of awe while contemplating the rising of a full moon. This is what I wrote down: “I feel a joy, a connection, a sense that something much larger exists. I feel very small, but protected. I forget my problems. I breathe joy.”

Main lavande


As I recover my sense of wonder, I feel gratitude for the beauty and greatness of life.

I can appreciate the little things with humility:

  • The scent of a flower.
  • The smile of a baby.
  • The flight of a butterfly.
  • The hot water from the shower.
  • The taste of a strawberry.

So I am in the moment, not in my thoughts of the past or the future.

The marvelous in myself

Where does this human appetite for the wonderful and the grandiose come from?

Why do I like to be astonished, no matter how old I am?

Because the feeling of wonder awakens in me a sense of my own greatness.

I look for the wonderful outside of me, because I look for the wonderful within me.

I forgot that I was an extraordinary and unlimited being.

I can let go of my imagination and my fantasy, to become again the magnificent creator of my life.

Soleil campagne


How to recover the awe?

As I grew up, I gradually lost my childlike ability to be delighted by the miracle of each moment.

In order to learn again to be fascinated by life, I can become aware of my own magnificence.

The search for the marvelous is the search for oneself.

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