How to communicate with my body?

My body wants to tell me something, but where is the instruction to listen to it? 😄

Why listen to your body?

The physical body is infinitely complex and intelligent.

It speaks to us constantly, through :

  • Tensions.
  • Diseases.
  • Emotions.

The body likes to be heard. But often, in case of pain, we prefer to take painkillers.

Nobody taught us how to talk to our body. It is not so difficult!

When I run, my body advises me on appropriate speed, distance, recovery exercises, nutrition, etc. My preparation for the half marathon was surprising: I only ran 3 times in the previous month. And yet, I achieved a nice performance!

My needs

The body is made up of billions of cells that function in symbiosis. They have needs, and know how to express them:

Example: Today my stomach needs 2 basil leaves, and my elbow needs a massage.

It’s not just the physical body that has needs: the emotional, energetic and spiritual bodies also have some.

I also need to send myself love.

I now take complete advice from my body on what to buy, what to eat, when to drink water, when to sleep, etc. For example, my cells love cashew nuts! There is no need to be too strict either, sometimes I allow myself a glass of wine or a piece of cake.


Meeting the needs of the body leads to better health.

Often emotional wounds prevent the body from functioning.

Thus, little by little, forgotten messages accumulate and end up in somatisation.

An illness is in a way a self-sabotage to encourage awareness.

When the body malfunctions, it is possible to know why: by asking it!

In the case of a serious or chronic illness, it can be useful to see a therapist in parallel with the medical treatment, to understand the deep causes, which are often emotional.

Once the emotional wounds have been healed, my body accepts to self-heal, and guides me during the recovery process.

By paying attention to the signals and messages every day, I feel much better than I did two years ago. A profound self-healing is underway. For example, I have been able to fully recover from the onset of osteoarthritis in my knees.


Communicating with the body

Listening to the body is good, communicating directly with it is even better!

It can be difficult at first to decipher the messages of the organs.

Muscular test

With the felt sense, I can ask my organism questions and get a straight answer.

Example: “Should I eat dark chocolate now?” “No.”


During body communication, there may be interference, emotional or mental.


  • I am stressed or under the influence of an emotion.
  • I analyse everything with my brain, rather than trusting my intuition.
  • I receive inconsistent messages.
  • I have an entity.

For this, it is useful to learn emotional acceptance.

Communication with oneself

Once :

  • I can communicate with my body.
  • I know how to release the emotional memories that prevent me from receiving reliable messages.

then the communication with oneself becomes more and more fluid.

Today, my way of life has been deeply transformed. I sleep less. I only eat two meals a day. I do more sport. Every morning my body tells me what stretches and exercises it needs. I am more in tune with the cycles of nature. I am more peaceful. I enjoy life more.

Coucher soleil mer


How to communicate with my body?

The body is a machine of incredible intelligence, which knows exactly what it needs.

The more I listen to myself, the better I am at all levels.

To talk with my body, I use my felt sense.

To receive reliable messages from the body, I use emotional acceptance.

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