How to calm my mind?

Calmer mental

Can’t meditate for more than 2 minutes without thinking about the shopping list? 😄

What is the mind?

The mind or intellect is the thoughts and perceptions of the brain.

Thinking is quite useful, indispensable even.

There is no point in demonizing my mind or chasing thoughts out of my mind.

These thoughts allow me to become aware.

Chemin nature

Where do the thoughts come from?

I often think I control my thoughts, when in fact it is the opposite: my thoughts control me.

They are created by :

  • My beliefs.
  • My emotions.
  • My unconscious desires.
  • My intuition.

Jonathan is angry because someone has blamed him. He can’t stop thinking about the discussion. He has thoughts of revenge. His emotions have taken over his thoughts.

Why do my thoughts loop?

Recurring or looping thoughts are the sign of a misunderstood message.

Most of the time, this message is emotional: some emotional wounds are ready to be heard.

These wounds prevent me from being myself and living fully.

The misunderstood messages end up knocking harder and harder on the door, and can manifest physically.

Going down into the heart

Western society trains me to think, and to trust my reasoning.

But intuition is connected to the heart rather than the brain.

It allows me to connect to my essence.

Bringing attention down to the heart leads me to the best option for me, which is not necessarily the case with mental processes.

How to soothe the mind?

There are some solutions.

Emotional management

That’s the main priority.

When an emotion comes up I need to be able to know how to react.

Stress and sleep disturbances are also signs of emotions.

Fortunately, there are solutions I can apply on my own, such as emotional acceptance.

Let’s discover how to manage my emotions.

Saying things

When I put aside my emotions, I accumulate them. So I ponder.

This contributes to a mental burden.

By talking to those who have hurt me, and expressing what I have accumulated, I can release this pressure in my head.

It means emptying my unconscious mind of resentment.


Raise my vibrations

The higher my vibration, the less I am stuck in my thoughts.

There are many ways to increase my vibration.

It is a long term process that has positive benefits on all aspects of my life.

Brain detox

A brain detox is a physical solution to make room.

My brain accumulates many toxins and waste products over the course of my life.

Detoxing helps to

  • Calm the mind.
  • Regenerate the neurons.
  • Recover my full brain capacity.


Nature has a magical power: it relaxes.

Whether it’s the forest, the sea or the countryside, I unload mentally, physically and emotionally.

The ideal is to be alone, barefoot, and to connect with the elements.

Doing nothing

I live in a society where doing has taken precedence over being.

Since childhood, I have been encouraged to be intellectual and productive.

Sometimes it is necessary to take time for myself:

  • Give myself breaks where I unplug the mobile phone or television.
  • Allow time for my mind to wander, and rethink the events it needs to digest.
  • Take a vacation.
  • Avoid overloading my schedule.
  • Take a hot bath.
  • Practice meditation or contemplation.
  • Hang out in bed.

Craniosacral therapy

Craniosacral therapy is based on subtle manipulations of the skull.

It allows to explore the blockages in depth.

It is particularly recommended in cases of mental overload.


Wearing an amethyst is another solution to calm the mind.

This purple colored gemstone is known to help relax.

It promotes intuition rather than thinking.

Coucher de soleil plage


How to calm my mind?

The main thing is to pacify myself emotionally to avoid thoughts that go round and round.

Then, there are several options to calm my brain permanently, and go down to the heart.

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