How to be yourself?

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To be yourself is to free from conditioning and accept yourself fully.

How to be yourself?

Why do we play a character?

A baby who is born is completely himself.

One of our greatest fears as a child is not to be loved by our parents.

So we adapt our behaviour.

If our mother doesn’t like it when we get angry, we repress the anger.

If our father thinks we shouldn’t cry, we hold back the tears.

If the teacher threatens us with punishment, we behave.

In this way, we keep the love of our loved ones.

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The construction of a ‘false’ self

Little by little, we restrain our true nature.

We build a character, which corresponds to the expectations of those around us.

We are beautiful, we get good grades at school, we do a job to please our parents.

We build an emotional shell, so that we don’t get hurt anymore.

Except that one day, the ‘real’ self, hidden under layers of masks and disguises, suffocates.

And sometimes a trigger is needed to understand it:

  • An accident.
  • A burn-out.
  • A depression.
  • An illness.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to come to this.

Who are we really?

Within each of us, there is a being of love and light that is just waiting to unfold.

This deepest part of us feels many emotions, waiting to be expressed.


Over the years, our natural light becomes clouded by many blocked emotions and limiting beliefs.

Our lives are then governed by our unconscious patterns.

Fortunately, life takes care to make us understand all this.

We attract unpleasant situations to bring our repressed emotions to light.

Little by little, it is possible to free ourselves from the mask, and let our inner sun shine again.

Breaking out of the character

It is introspection, again and again, that allows us to be ourselves.

Healing the emotional wounds of the past helps to :

Each person is unique. Each person shines with their own unique brightness. Each person can help create a better world, just by being themselves.

Femme coeur


How to be yourself?

Being yourself means freeing yourself from the persona you have gradually created in order to be loved.

Fortunately, it is possible to rediscover our true nature, and to assume our true self.

It is by healing our emotional wounds that we can achieve this.

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