The Heart Program

Programme du Coeur

Or how to let the ❤️ work for our happiness.

How to self-heal?

Firstly, I recommend reading this article which will help to understand:

There are 2 ways to heal:

  • Conscious healing. Example: a psychology session. The patient will understand each emotional wound.
  • Unconscious healing. Example: a therapeutic hypnosis session. The client lies down and listens without actively participating.

However, there is no need to understand everything. The heart can take care of the “unconscious healing” part by itself.

The only condition is… to ask it to do so!

Example: Peter falls at the age of 3, he hurts his knee, he is sad. An emotion of sadness is blocked in him. The heart can take care of transmuting this emotion, without even thinking about it.

On the other hand, the time when Peter fell from a tree at the age of 6, and had to be taken to hospital, yes, this emotion should be consciously released, because it is deeper.


What is the Heart Programme?

It is a natural self-healing capacity that we all have within us.

In other words, it is an emotional automation, which runs 24 hours a day.

Thus the heart will :

  • Free blocked emotions.
  • Remove unconscious beliefs.
  • Integrate this process at all levels.

The Heart Programme runs in agreement with all the parts of the being, which all work in the same direction:

  • Physical body
  • Mental body.
  • Energetic body.
  • Emotional body.
  • Spiritual body.

Example: If the physical body is too tired, the Programme will slow down. It needs the agreement of the physical body to continue.

Heart Programme launch process

  1. Ask the heart if it is ready to start the Programme, using the muscle test.
  2. If not, ask what emotion is blocking.
  3. Transmute the emotion through the emotional acceptance process.
  4. Repeat until you get a yes. That’s it, it’s on!

The process will then work by itself.

A feeling of well-being is usually noted after several months.

I started to see noticeable effects on my health after 4 months.

The implementation of the programme may be followed by a temporary period of turbulence. The old, obsolete patterns are replaced by new, more solid foundations.

The only condition is that you continue to transform the emotions “manually”.

That is, emotions that need to be understood and accepted consciously should be released.

Otherwise, it can be a hindrance to the good deployment of the Heart Programme.

Soleil heureux

The Advanced Heart Programme

Once the Heart Programme is in place, it is possible to go further.

It is about trusting the heart, without the need to control everything: without using the mind.

In other words, we ask the heart to orchestrate the different bodies for our well-being.

It has free rein. It can for example :

  • Protect us energetically.
  • Prepare food before we eat it.
  • Send love to our loved ones and those in need.


What is the Heart Programme?

It’s about consciously deciding that all parts of yourself should come together to get better.

The heart is the orchestra conductor.

Once started, the Heart Programme does a discreet but enormous job of emotional release.

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