Harmful food additives for health

We should never have brought chemistry into food. 😄

What are food additives?

Humans have always seasoned their food, for example with salt.

Food additives are added to processed foods by the food industry.

They are mainly :

  • Preservatives.
  • Taste enhancers.
  • Colorants.

Some are natural and healthy, such as turmeric.

Others are harmful, mainly synthetic additives.

Many of them are authorized for sale, depending on the country.

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List of harmful food additives

Here is the list of the worst additives for health:

  • E106 / Riboflavin 5′-phosphate sodium : damages the heart.
  • E110 / C.I. 15985 / Sunset yellow FCF : carcinogenic.
  • E131 / C.I. 42051 / Patent blue V : damages the brain.
  • E143 / C.I. 42053 / Fast green FCF : damages the liver and intestines.
  • E150c and E150d / Caramel coloring containing 4-MeI : carcinogenic, brain damage.
  • E151 / C.I. 28440 / Brilliant black BN : damages the liver, contaminates the blood.
  • E154 / C.I. Food Brown 1 / Brown FK : disturbs the intestinal transit.
  • E165 / Gardenia blue: damages the intestines.
  • E210 / Benzoic acid: disrupts brain activity.
  • E212 / Potassium Benzoate : disrupts brain activity.
  • E213 / Calcium Benzoate : disrupts brain activity.
  • E221 / Sodium sulfite: damages the liver.
  • E226 / Calcium sulfite: damages the intestines.
  • E284 / Boric acid: damages the heart, contaminates the intestines, disrupts blood flow.
  • E305 / Ascorbyl stearate: toxic to muscles.
  • E328 / Ammonium lactate: damages the lungs.
  • E329 / Magnesium lactate : damages the lungs.
  • E356 / Sodium adipate: destroys heart cells.
  • E366 / Potassium fumarate: destroys the intestines.
  • E514 / Sodium sulphate : damages the heart, the intestines, the lungs.
  • E542 / Bone phosphate: damages the brain.
  • E621 / Monosodium glutamate (MSG): contaminates the blood.
  • E623 / Calcium diglutamate: contaminates the blood.
  • E951 / Aspartame: damages the intestines, the brain and the blood.
  • E1102 / Glucose oxidase : damages the liver.
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How to protect myself?

Fortunately, there are alternatives to scouring every label.


Most food additives are found in prepared foods, snacks, candies, sodas, etc.

By eating natural and organic foods, I avoid poisoning my body.

I can ask myself: did this food exist 1000 years ago?

I am responsible for what I eat.

Felt sense

The felt sense gives me the opportunity to communicate directly with my body.

It knows exactly what is good for my health.

It can help me choose the foods I buy or eat.

Liver detox

The liver is the factory that processes the body’s waste.

A healthy liver makes it much easier to eliminate unwanted toxins and additives.

I can undertake a liver detox.

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What are the harmful food additives?

Many industrial foods contain substances that are hazardous to my health.

The best way to protect myself is to let my body select the food.

The day we stop buying unhealthy food, there will be no more poisonous food additive.

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