How can I reconnect to the feminine and masculine principles?

What to do if my two poles are in marital conflict? 😄

Rehabilitating masculinity and femininity

We are born male or female.

However, today’s society separates men and women.

Stereotypes condition us unconsciously.

Women must be seductive. As long as we do not individually and collectively free ourselves from this limiting belief, we will continue to see advertisements of sexy women.

A man is not just a bunch of muscles that makes money: he also has a sensitive and intuitive side ready to be expressed.

Women are not just baby distributors, crying and taking care of the house: they combine strength and gentleness, and can take their rightful place without dominating or submitting.

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It is time to reconcile the feminine and masculine principles in me:

  • Every man can accept his feminine part.
  • Every woman can accept her masculine part.

For a long time, as a man, I hid my feminine energy deep inside me. As a little boy I was taught not to cry, not to show my emotions, to be strong, not to be a sissy. It was through several sessions of craniosacral therapy that I was able to awaken and accept my feminine side. Today, I am at peace with all parts of myself.

The left side of the body is connected to the feminine essence, the right side to the masculine.

This does not mean that the feminine is linked to the mother, and the masculine to the father. I have received both polarities from both parents at the same time.

Sacred masculine / Sacred feminine

The masculine and feminine principles are considered sacred, in the sense of luminous.

The divine masculine and feminine are archetypes: the divine expressions of masculinity and femininity.

They are two inseparable energies, like yin and yang, which complement each other and live in harmony:

  • The sacred masculine secures the feminine to create in all its power.
  • The sacred feminine inspires the masculine to act in all its power.

I can reconnect with these two polarities that co-exist within me.

When I honor the sacred feminine and masculine within myself, I reconnect to my essence.

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How to reconnect to the divine masculine and feminine?

The first step is to become conscious that I have moved away from the authentic version of myself.

Do I accept my masculine and feminine parts?

Which one is predominant?

A reconciliation with myself is required.

The goal is not perfect balance, just full acceptance.


Emotional memories can prevent the awakening of the sacred feminine or masculine within myself.

If I am a woman who has been harassed by men : as long as I don’t heal this wound, it will be difficult for me to accept my masculine side.

The more I accept my emotions, the more I become myself again.

Find out how emotional acceptance works.



How can I reconnect to the feminine and masculine principles?

I am a mixture of masculine and feminine energies.

My repressed emotions prevent me from expressing them, and restoring balance.

When men and women find harmony within themselves, they can create harmony around them.

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