Explanations of why family constellations work

No, it’s not magic. 😄

What is a family constellation ?

Family constellation is a brief therapy practiced in a group.

It was developed in the 1990s by a former German priest, Bert Hellinger.

This emotional approach has since spread widely.

Its objectives are to :

  • Resolve family conflicts.
  • Release transgenerational memories.
  • Improve my well-being and my relationships.
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There are many variations in the way this is done.

Generally, the therapist trained in constellations – the facilitator – gathers a group of about ten or fifteen people.

He or she first talks with the person who has chosen to resolve a family issue – the seeker or client.

The subject is not known to the other participants.

Then the group meets. The seeker is asked to select certain family members.

Example: The seeker has chosen to resolve a conflict with his grandparents. The facilitator asks him who he would like to choose among the participants to represent his grandfather. He feels intuitively called to select a participant. She does not know her grandfather at all, but she will unconsciously represent him.


Once all the participants have been chosen and placed in the center of the circle, the seeker stands aside and the constellation can take place.

At this point, some of the actors will naturally feel:

  • The need to change places.
  • Emotions.
  • The desire to say something.

The role of the facilitator is to guide the participants, to ask them about their feelings, to suggest what to say.

When I participated in a family constellation, I felt a huge anger towards another participant I didn’t know. I wanted to hit him, without understanding why. Through the suggestions of the facilitator, I finally realized that this was the father of the person I was representing. He had died during “my” childhood, and I was very angry with him. Eventually, this relationship could be pacified.

This role-playing continues between the participants until the main family conflicts have been resolved.

Once the client has become aware of the implications, he/she is invited to join the space to finalize the constellation.

What is the impact of the constellations?

The participants connect to the energy of characters they do not know for the duration of the session.

These people may be alive or dead.

The seeker is often struck by the similarity of actions or words between the participants and real family members.

Real-life exchanges occur when the participants know nothing about the situation.

Example: A participant begins to cry because she feels abandoned by her mother. She represents the seeker’s wife. And indeed, the latter really felt abandoned during her childhood.

Often, latent conflicts that the seeker was not aware of can be resolved.

After a few weeks, this can have visible effects on his own life or that of his loved ones.

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How does it work?

Family constellations are based on several principles:

  • The law of one.
  • The transgenerational.
  • Channeling.
  • The mirror effect.

Law of one

This law says that everything is energy in motion in the Universe, and that everything is connected.

I am one with all that exists.

Thus, participants in family constellations are connected to each others, and can access information that does not directly concern them.


I inherit unresolved emotional wounds from my ancestors.

These memories have an impact on my daily life, sometimes without me being aware of it.

Example: An ancestor participated in a war. All of his descendants have inherited a memory of anxiety.

The idea of family constellations is to explore these wounds in order to heal them.


Everyone has the ability to channel.

During a constellation session, I channel.

Thanks to my intuition, I have the ability to access all the data of the Universe.

The success of constellations depends on the ability of the participants and the facilitator to channel without interference.

The main ways to improve my ability to channel are :

Mirror effect

There is no such thing as randomness in a constellation.

The emotions I see in other people also exist in me: it is the mirror effect.

If a participant is chosen to play a role, it is because he or she is called upon to resolve certain inner conflicts that he/she shares with the person he/she represents.

Example: A woman plays the role of the great-grandmother of the seeker. During the session, she heals an injustice wound. This emotional healing will take place for :

  • The participant.
  • The great-grandmother (even if she is deceased).
  • All of her descendants, including the client.


Why family constellations work?

It is a combination of elements that make it possible for family conflicts to be resolved by people who are unaware of them.

This impressive role-playing therapy can help unravel complex family situations.

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