How to stimulate eye regeneration?

By believing it’s possible! 😄

Why regenerate my eyes?

My eyes are necessary for my everyday life.

But vision problems are common.

I may want to see better, and yes it’s possible.

This blog post is not a substitute for medical advice; it simply offers suggestions for stimulating ocular self-healing.

Falaise Étretat

Eye detox

Before stimulating regeneration, it is necessary to undertake a gentle eye detox.

This cleanses the eye of toxins.

Then, I wait at least 2 months before undertaking the following.

Taking the time

Wanting to regain eagle sight quickly is an ego goal.

It is better not to have expectations.

Eye cells are among the most difficult to repair and regenerate – especially the nerve cells in the retina.

I need time, and to let my body go at its own pace: if my eye regenerates, great, if not, it’s not yet the time.

Natural remedies

I can use my felt sense to know what I need.


Some foods can help regenerate eye tissues.

  • Lemon.
  • Broccoli.
  • Sweet potato.
  • Apple.
  • Chard.
  • White mulberries.
  • Brazil nut.
  • Carrots.
  • Purslane.

Natural supplements :

Eye exercises

My eyes can guide me to the exercises that do them good.

This helps :

  • Reduce fatigue.
  • Strengthen eye muscles.
  • Improve coordination and flexibility.


  • Stare at a near point, then a far point, then alternate between both.
  • Eye movements: up, down, sideways, in a circle, etc.
  • Palming: rub the palms together to warm them up, then place them over closed eyes.
Exercices oculaires
Me doing my eye exercises!


Eyeglasses and sunglasses are a kind of crutch: they compensate for deficiencies.

If I want to stimulate my eyes‘ self-healing, I can try to gradually reduce my use of glasses, as long as it does not affect my everyday life.

It may take time, but I need to regain confidence in my eyes.


Just because I have done a detox does not mean I no longer have emotional memories in my eye. It’s an ongoing process.

If my eyesight is not 100%, there are probably still emotional wounds to explore.

As my eyes get stronger, these will come up.

I can discover how to deal with my emotions.


Joy is an emotion intimately linked to the eyes, which promotes their good health.

I can enjoy seeing! For example, by contemplating nature.

Thanks to my eyes, I can admire the beauty of a flower.

If I am struggling to feel joy, I can find out why through emotional introspection.

Ring finger

Some practitioners of energy techniques such as acupressure or Jin Shin Jyutsu recommend stimulating the fourth finger, the ring finger, to support the eyes.

This finger is associated with the small intestine meridian, which runs through the face and is linked to eye health.

I can massage it regularly with joy.

Forêt chemin lumière


How to stimulate eye regeneration?

There are several natural remedies that can help, if I communicate with my body to find out which ones.

Gradually, I can regain good vision, as long as I am not in a state of expectation.

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