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What to do if I have an entity?

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What is an entity?

Lower astral entities are energetic parasites that feed on my energy.

An entity can cling to my energy field when :

  • I am in the grip of despair.
  • I am in an altered state of consciousness.

I attracted an entity during a jurema ceremony, while I was in an altered state of consciousness and my channels were wide open.

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In fact, an unconscious part of me that accepts its presence. It is a kind of pact: it comes to fill a need (self-confidence, joy, peace, courage, etc.); in exchange, it feeds on my energy.

I can attract several entities to me, and become possessed: I am no longer master of myself.

Drug addicts or people who live on the street often have several entities attached: their behaviors are more and more erratic. They attract rejection.

How can I know if I have an entity?

It is not obvious, as it is a subtle presence.

I usually feel better temporarily. Then quickly, signs appear:

  • Ego thoughts.
  • Tiredness, lack of energy.
  • Unrealistic intuitions.
  • Physical pain or symptoms.
  • Incoherent actions that cause rejection from those around me.
  • Materialistic desires.
  • Many emotions.
  • Strange dreams or nightmares.
  • Accumulation of objects that do not serve me.
  • Desire to masturbate (for men, because the entities feed on the energy of the semen).
  • Fancy rituals.
  • Feelings that something is wrong.

Energy entities often pretend to be my spirit guides.

I attracted a spiritual entity one evening while traveling in Thailand. I was seeing many groups of travelers having fun, and I was feeling lonely and lame. Suddenly, I told myself that I didn’t need others to be happy. This thought calmed me down and gave me confidence. In the days that followed, I got sick: a persistent cold and toothache. Then I had intuitions like “From now on, my body will not age, it will regenerate and I will become younger”. I asked a therapist friend of mine, who told me that this was false information, and that there was an entity located in my palate.


How to remove an entity?

Like a disease, I can see it as :

  • Something negative, and be afraid of it.
  • An opportunity for transformation.

Grounding, alignment, centering

I am prone to being manipulated by subtle presences if I am not properly :

  • Grounded.
  • Aligned.
  • Centered.

I need to learn how to calm down, and listen to myself internally once I am in my center.

Emotional wounds

I attract an energetic parasite because there is a breach in me, usually one or more emotional wounds.

I can become aware of it, and heal myself emotionally. Then the entity will no longer have a hold on me, and it will eventually leave by itself.

Example: If I have attracted a paranormal entity related to my lack of self-confidence, then I can explore the emotional wounds related to the fear of not succeeding, or the fear of taking initiative.

I discover how to deal with my emotions.

Healing guide

My healing spirit guide can help me dissolve the entity. He or she will be able to guide me.

Generally, it is a matter of sending love, and healing myself.

I can thank the entity for bringing to light the disharmony in me.

I can forgive myself and comfort myself.

Energetic cleaning

Once the entity has been dissolved, I feel a sense of calm.

Entities tend to like opposing energies, and objects that can assert their control.

I can energetically clean my space:

  • Clean up.
  • Burn a stick of incense.
  • Sort out my belongings, and throw away what I don’t need.
  • Exposing stones and jewelry to the sun for a whole day.


If I want to “hunt” entities, it is because I am afraid of them.

They scare me because they are invisible. They can take control of my thoughts, my behavior, my desires.

But if I am afraid of something, I will unconsciously attract it so that I can confront it and no longer be afraid of it.

Rather than accumulating energetic protections, it can be interesting to explore my fear of being controlled.

The first entity I became aware of, I was very afraid. I questioned everything in my life. I realized that I had accumulated low vibrational power objects. I undertook a great cleansing on all levels. I understood the importance of being grounded, aligned and centered before listening to my intuitions. Then I continued to attract entities from time to time, but each time I was less afraid, and I was able to realize it more quickly. I assimilated their messages, and learned what to do.

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What to do if I have an entity?

Entities are legitimate, and even useful. They help me to :

  • Become aware that there is a lack of harmony in my life.
  • Heal myself emotionally.
  • Question myself.
  • Learn to be discerning.

If I have the keys to understand the message of the entity, and heal myself, then I can dissolve it. Otherwise, I can get help from a therapist who knows how to deal with this type of case (I should ask before making an appointment).

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