How to energize water?

Singing a hymn to the tap! 😄

Is the water we drink healthy?

Water is becoming increasingly polluted, and we are all somewhat responsible.

Although there are many ways to get fresh water (rainwater, snow, spring water), we will focus on the two main sources of water consumption today.

Tap water

Tap water is often safe to drink in Western countries. Is it really healthy?

However, as study states: “The current list of pollutants controlled by law is below the reality of contamination. The rapid evolution of our consumer society sometimes seems to make our standards obsolete.”

The chemical purification and filtering processes in place in water systems are increasingly aggressive.

Eau du robinet

Bottled water

Bottled water is generally purer than domestic water because it comes directly from a source.

However, industrialization, transport and plastic contribute to the pollution of the planet.

An independent study by Orb Media – in partnership with the State University of New York – measured the plastic particle content of the world’s leading brands. The result: if you drink 1.5 litres of bottled water, you swallow around 500 plastic particles.

Bottled water is empty and dead, because it has no energy, no life.

Konstantin Korotkov, Professor of Physics at the University of St Petersburg

Which water to drink?

To drink the best possible water, it is advisable to :

  1. Purify water.
  2. Energize water.

How to purify water?

Water purification is the first step in making it safe to drink.

The main techniques to remove pollutants are:

  • Distillation.
  • Reverse osmosis membrane.
  • Clay.
  • Crystal.
  • Ion exchange resin.
  • Synthetic materials, nanotechnologies.
  • Ceramics.
  • Sand.
  • Activated carbon.

Filtration can be carried out at all stages of water distribution.

Boire eau Garçon

Is pure water good for health?

In the case of osmosis or distillation, the filtration is so efficient that even natural salts and minerals that are valuable to the body are removed.

The water obtained is of great purity, perfect for the iron.

The experiment by Marcel Violet (1886-1973) speaks for itself:

  • Introducing a tadpole into pure water condemns it to almost instantaneous death.
  • After exposing the same water to sunlight for a few days, the tadpoles survive.

What is the best water filter?

Optimal filtering is a balance between :

  • Removing harmful pollutants.
  • Retaining the maximum number of particles that are beneficial to health.

According to some studies, the ceramic filter is the best balance for purifying waters.

Memory of water

In the 1980s, a French researcher and doctor, Jacques Benveniste, made an astonishing discovery: water has a memory. This caused an outcry in the scientific community. The researcher was pointed at and discredited, and called an impostor.

Yes, but :

  • In the 1990s, the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto confirmed the theory through countless experiments.
  • The Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier took up the theories on the memory of water in the 2010s. He proved that water can record and transmit information.

The mechanism is not yet fully understood from a scientific point of view.

Emoto’s experiments

The experiment of the Japanese Masaru Emoto consists in :

  • Freezing a drop of water.
  • Observing it under a microscope.

Result: the water is organised in the form of magnificent luminous crystals, if it is exposed to :

  • Harmonious music.
  • The vibration of kind words, such as THANK YOU or LOVE.
  • Photographs.
  • Prayers.

On the other hand, contaminated water or exposed to negative thoughts forms unfinished crystals with dark colors.

Emoto crystals

Water captures, records and reproduces.

Professor Korotkov has exposed water samples to certain influences in his laboratory:

  • Magnetic or electrostatic fields.
  • Various substances.
  • Emotions.

Results: human emotions have the greatest impact on the energy of water.

The chemical composition (H20) is not changed. However, the organisation of the water molecules changes as a result of the environment.

Each drop of water is therefore a kind of hard disk that stores information.

Water only loses its memory when it changes state:

  • When it falls as rain or snow.
  • By defrosting.

Why reenergize water?

If water records what happens to it, does it raise its vibration with :

  • The plastic of the bottles?
  • The sewage plants?
  • The anger felt by someone drinking?

Water has a vibratory quality, a vitality, which is still poorly understood.

Femme Fontaine

What is the purpose of energized water?

Marcel Violet demonstrated the benefits of alive water:

  • On plants:
    • The nutritional value is multiplied.
    • 20% of watering is saved.
    • Storm water is beneficial to crops.
    • The ripening time of vegetables is reduced.
  • On animals and humans:
    • Increased vitality.
    • Reduction of diseases.
    • There is even talk of changing the condition and character of a human being!

To date, structured water is the best antibiotic available. So much so that the US Army has used it in Iraq and Afghanistan. Only one molecule out of 100 million molecules of drinking water is needed to destroy all the germs in a bottle.

Dr. Rustum Roy, from Arizona State University

How to energize water?

Nature shows us the way. A stream flowing from a mountain spring is full of energy.


Stagnant water loses its vitality.

Movement allows the water to recharge itself energetically.

  • Accelerations.
  • Waterfalls.
  • Swirls.

This is why cats prefer to drink the water from the toilet flush, rather than the stagnant water in their bowl.

The best known movement to magnetize water is the vortex, which can be seen everywhere in nature.

Sacred geometry

Over the centuries, researchers have discovered that beneficial energies come from certain geometric shapes.

Some sacred geometry shapes are enough to energise water.

The most famous symbols are the Flower of Life, the triskelion and the Tree of Life.

The image can be placed on the container or its base. Be careful, accumulating symbols can be counterproductive.

The larger the tank of water, the larger the size of the drawing.

A few hours of rest are necessary for energizing.

Positive intention

As we have seen, water has a memory, on which emotions have a strong influence.

There are several simple ways to energise water before drinking it:

  • Say I LOVE YOU and THANK YOU (the most effective combination of words according to Emoto) to the water before drinking.
  • Be present when you drink.
  • Sit at the table in a good mood!
  • Say a prayer. This is the principle of holy water.


Gardeners know the benefits of resting the watering can in the sun, the greatest source of energy in the solar system.

The water can also be exposed to the action of the moon.

Some biodynamizers illuminate the water with infrared or visible light.

Barque soleil lac


Music is, like light, a set of frequencies.

Professor Emoto found that harmonious music forms beautiful ice crystals.

Singing also increase the water vibrations.


The ancient Etruscans knew the secret properties of clay: their aqueducts contained pieces of quartz and clay.

Clay purifies and energizes.

A little clay is left to settle before drinking the glass of water.

Stones and minerals

Some stones have energizing properties:

  • Shungite
  • Rock crystal.
  • Amethyst.
  • Topaz.

The stones should be regularly recharged with energy.

Magnetizing water

Magnetising is another way to raise the water vibration.

There are many systems on the market for obtaining magnetized water, such as :

  • Water conditioning magnets.
  • Charging plates.
Eau Cascade


How to energize water?

It is now proven that water has a memory.

Even more curious, the energy of water is proportional to the harmony, happiness and positive waves it is subjected to.

Structured water will bring more energy to the body.

The simplest, cheapest and most effective option for raising water vibrations is to say I LOVE YOU and THANK YOU when you drink it.

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