How to energize stones and jewelry?

No, not by putting them in the microwave. 😄

The energetic impact of stones

Crystal healing is the use of stones and gems for therapeutic purposes.

The main impact on the human body is energetic. Thus, it can be stimulated to get better.

My collection of stones helps me to integrate the transmutation of many emotions.

Stones and jewellery are chosen by intuition.

It is personal: a crystal that suits one person will not suit another.

Minerals naturally lose their energy.

They also absorb low frequency energies.

It is therefore advisable to purify and energize them regularly.

Bijou Coeur

Recharge stones and jewellery

Every ore is different, every stone is unique: there is no set rule.

As an average indication, gemstones should be recharged every 3 to 4 months.

Intuition or felt sense can be used to determine:

  • The type of recharging needed.
  • The duration.
  • The frequency.

A stone cannot be “over-charged”: it is fine if the optimal time is exceeded.

Here are the most popular methods.

Full moon

This involves leaving the gem outside on a full moon night, preferably on soil.

The moon’s rays are excellent for revitalizing ores.


A few hours of sunlight can help recharge your stones.

The sun’s rays are incredible for their ability to energise everything.

Salt water

This consists of putting coarse salt in good quality water, and leaving the jewel or crystal to soak for a few hours.


Rain is a real energetic shower of nature, for humans, animals, plants and minerals.

Coquille Saint Jacques

Scallop shell

Leaving gems in a scallop shell is another way to re-energize stones.

This is a particularly effective sacred geometry shape.

Resting bell

Sound can be a powerful tool for changing frequencies.

The waves of the resting bell are beneficial to certain crystals.

It is advised not to place the stone or jewel in direct contact with the bowl, but to place a piece of cloth between the two.


Swirling smoke from a stick of incense or purification plants around the stones is another way to proceed.

1 minute is usually enough.

Sacred geometry

Geometric patterns are used to amplify energy.

Some of these, such as the flower of life, are known to energize crystals.



How to energize stones and jewelry?

Taking care of crystals allows to get the most out of their energy.

There are different ways of energizing. Each stone will have its preference.

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