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Effects of the microwave oven on food

A nice invention… doomed to disappear! 😄

How does a microwave work?

If electromagnetic waves are sent to a molecule at its resonance frequency, it :

  • Absorbs the energy of the waves.
  • Vibrates.
  • Starts to heat.

For water molecules, the resonance frequency is in the microwave range of the electromagnetic spectrum.

A microwave oven sends out waves, and this heats the food.

This effect was discovered accidentally in 1946 by an American engineer who was working on a radar: a chocolate bar melted in his pocket.

This type of cooking is popular because it is fast and simple.

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Are waves harmful ?


Microwaves are commonly used, especially by :

  • Cell phones.
  • GPS devices.
  • Remote controls.

Waves are everywhere, and their real effects on health have not yet been revealed.

They increase electro-magnetic pollution, which affects all the living on Earth.

For human beings, this decreases the vibrations and worsens certain diseases..

Are waves of the oven harmful ?


The first microwave ovens were relatively unsafe, and leaked waves to the outside.

Today, the safety of household appliances has improved significantly.

Food does not store waves.

The consequences are insignificant for the users.

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Effects on food

The waves contribute to the nutritional degradation.

Memory of water

A micro-wave oven uses the resonance frequency of water.

But water has a memory.

By shaking the water molecules, their memory is deteriorated.

If the drop of water were a human being, it would have memory loss and confusion.

Decrease of the vibrations

The deterioration of the water’s memory leads to :

  • A decrease in the vibrations of water.
  • Therefore a decrease in the vibrations of food.
  • Therefore a decrease in the vibrations of humans.

The decrease of my vibrations affects the harmony in my body.

Loss of vitality

The vitality of food is an essential concept in traditional Chinese medicine:

  • The fresher a food is, the more alive it is, and the more nourishing it is.
  • The less fresh a food is, the less life it nourishes.

The intense shower of electromagnetic waves from a microwave oven has the effect of drastically degrading the vitality, and therefore the nutritional value of food.

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What are the effects of the microwave oven on food?

Mainly a loss of energy and vitality.

This cooking method is not healthy.

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