How to accompany a deceased loved one’s spirit to the light?

Uncle Franck is still hanging around even though he died 13 years ago? 😄

Let’s help him join the light!

What is a wandering soul?

In the event of death, spirits leave their physical bodies and return to the afterlife.

However, they may be stuck on Earth:

  • In case of violent or unexpected death.
  • If they are inhabited by strong emotions.
  • If some living people cling to their memory.

This type of spirit has several names:

  • Wandering soul.
  • Dead spirit.
  • Dead soul.
  • Deceased spirit.
  • Ghost.
  • Phantom.
  • Disembodied spirit.

What are the signs of the presence of a deceased spirit?

A distinction should be made between :

  • Wandering souls, stuck between two worlds, which can be benevolent or malevolent.
  • The energies of our loved ones who have already reached the higher planes, and who accompany us, always with love.

Haunted houses are often inhabited by deceased spirits.

They can manifest themselves in various forms:

  • Sensation of presence.
  • Apparitions.
  • Moving objects.
  • Slamming doors, noises.
  • Heaviness, death energy.

Many people are afraid of ghosts. It is possible to stop being afraid, by exploring our memories through emotional acceptance.

How to communicate with dead people?

Everyone has the ability to communicate with the invisible.

Some people have this connection naturally. However, most people need to do some work on themselves before they develop this extrasensory ability.

Wandering souls can hear us. They often wish to comfort us. However, we may have difficulty perceiving their messages.

Intuitive writing is probably the easiest tool to use.

Vagues plage rochers

Freeing a dead soul

Not all disembodied spirits are ready to cross over.

If they so wish, it is possible to accompany them yourself.

It is also possible to call upon the services of a psychic medium.


  1. Does the spirit have emotions that prevent it from leaving or believing in its death? For example, it may be angry that it was killed. If so, use the emotional acceptance process.
  2. Send love.
  3. Open a circle of light above you with your hands.
  4. Accompany the deceased spirit with your hands through the circle.
  5. Close the circle.

It takes some time, from a few days to a few months, for the dead soul to return to the light. After this time, it is possible to communicate again with the energy of the deceased.

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How to free a deceased loved one’s spirit?

Firstly, by communicating with it, to understand what is blocking.

Secondly, by accompanying it towards the light.

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