How to be the creator of your life?

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In fact we are God, but we don’t know it yet. 😄

What does it mean to be the creator of your life?

Life is a creation, not a discovery.

To be a creator of our life means that everything we do is an act of creation.

The tools of creation are :

  • Thoughts.
  • Unconscious beliefs.
  • Emotions.
  • Speech.
  • Action.

We are in a constant creative process, all the time.

This is much more powerful than we imagine.

However, creation on Earth is not immediate, it takes some time.

Example: I align my thinking, speaking, beliefs, actions to get more clients. It may take several weeks to see a real change.

Constantly creating makes us responsible for our life.

By refusing this responsibility, by blaming it on the outside, nothing will change.

By accepting this responsibility, we can free ourselves from the conditioning and limitations we have locked ourselves into.

We are creators of our lives, and co-creators of the life around us.

The law of attraction

To create is to attract, by the law of attraction, what we vibrate:

  • If we vibrate fear, we attract fear.
  • If we vibrate love, we attract love.

Thinking is creative implies that we attract what we think about most of the time.


  • If we think we are not going to make it, there is a high chance of failure.
  • If we say that life is difficult, then it will be.
  • If we lock our house because we are afraid of thieves, we attract them.
  • If we are convinced that our life is extraordinary, then it surely will be.

We are like in a video game that we ourselves have designed, but we have decided to forget that we are the creators. The ultimate goal of existence is to remember this, to understand our divine nature.


The exterior is a reflection of our interior

Everything that happens to us is created by consciousness, whether individual or collective.

To change the outside, the key is to change the inside experience.

How do we do this? By changing our perception of external events.

How do we do this? By exploring and transforming the emotions provoked in us.

It is by looking within ourselves that we can change what is happening around us.

What happens to us is a reflection of who we are.

We attract the events of life to understand that we have blocked emotions within us.

Emotional release allows us to stop attracting unpleasant situations.

World events, such as wars and natural disasters, are collective co-creations of humanity.

However, we create how these events impact our lives.

How to change?

It is not easy to understand that everything we experience is our creation, because it is contrary to what we have learned.

We have learned to see the unpleasant things that happen to us as not our fault.

This is tantamount to calling our creations bad and disowning them.

Behind everything we create that we don’t want, there are blocked emotions.

When we take back responsibility for our lives, then we can change what no longer suits us.

Rather than unconsciously obeying our conditioning, we can create what we want, that is, move in the direction we want.

This direction can be the one defined by the higher consciousness, or it can be the one decided by the mind, according to the law of free will.


For example, how to become a millionaire?

Namely: if becoming a millionaire is a conscious goal, it is not necessarily the goal of the Soul. It is still possible, but it will be more difficult to achieve.

The intention

All creation begins with thought.

It is possible to :

  • Set a specific goal, e.g. by a certain date (a realistic date) my total assets will be 1 million $.
  • To anchor it, write this goal down on paper. Rewriting it every day is even more powerful.
  • Visualise the life of a millionaire.

The action

Intention without action is like planting a seed and forgetting to water it.

We can define the big steps to be taken, then break them down into smaller steps.

And each day, take one or more steps in the direction we intended.

The faith

A fierce desire to achieve one’s goal, as well as unfailing tenacity, will be needed along the way.

This is called faith: being completely convinced at all levels that it will happen.

The gratefulness

Giving thanks every day in advance for that money, taking it for granted, is a powerful tool.

The emotions

It is useful to free ourselves from emotions (fears, anxieties, doubts, etc.) linked to what blocks us:

  • Money.
  • Lack of confidence.
  • Lack of motivation.
  • Unconscious patterns.
  • Anything that hinders our progress.

Most of the emotions have been inherited from our childhood, family lineage and other lives.

It is a path that requires a certain commitment.

We are not all equal in this sense. For example, children born into wealthy families will have inherited fewer money-related patterns than those born into poor families.

For example, with the unconscious belief inherited from parents that rich people are jerks, part of us will engage in self-sabotage, because we are unconsciously afraid of becoming jerks.

The good news is that it is possible to free ourselves from limiting beliefs.



How to be the creator of your life?

We are already the creators of our lives, at all levels.

But most of the time we are not aware of this.

In other words, it is possible to change our lives if we understand the process of creation.

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