Chartres cathedral, an energetic centre

The healing tool that played its cards close to its chest for a thousand years. 😄

Power point

Chartres Cathedral is located on a major crossing of telluric lines.

It is France’s 2nd strongest power point after Mount Bugarach.

The Celtic druids honored the site, and held numerous ceremonies there.


History of the cathedral

Initially, there was a cromlech in the forest of the Carnutes : menhirs assembled 5000 years ago.

The first church was built over them in the 5th century.

In 876, the French king donated a key relic to the town: the Virgin’s veil, which Mary is said to have worn at the Annunciation. Although it is a fake, it attracted many pilgrims in the Middle Ages. Chartres became a major Marian shrine.

In 1020, bishop Fulbert began work on a Romanesque cathedral.

The Templars then took charge of building the current Gothic cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres.

Erected between 1194 and 1225, this rapid pace of construction is explained by:

  • Its energetic importance.
  • Its moderate size.
  • The desire of religious leaders to make an example of it.

After yet another fire in 1836, a copper roof was installed.

Druidic temple

Towards the end of the first millennium, the Celtic druids took orders. However, they did not deny their knowledge.

The cathedrals of the Middle Ages are the result of the wedding of Druidism and Catholicism.

Fulbert was an initiate who founded a mystery school in Chartres, under the guise of liberal arts education.

His cathedral, whose portals and crypt still stand, is a concentrate of Druidic science.

What is the message of the cathedral?

Bishop Fulbert of Chartres left the instructions for use on the portals.


Kabbalah is knowledge, which explains why many of the sculptures hold books.

The transmission of esoteric knowledge enables disciples to find the path to self.

The layout of Chartres cathedral is modelled on the tree of life.

Numerous symbols are concealed within, for those who know how to decode them.

The aim is to enable human beings to reconnect with their divine selves.


This cathedral is a concentrate of geobiological mastery, one of the finest energy amplification tools created by man.

The main power point – or radiating point – is located in the center of the choir, where the old altar used to be.

It is located on an underground river, at the junction of several major energetic lines.

The building is designed to capture earth and cosmic energies, and deliver them to pilgrims at various points.

There’s a whole energy path reserved for initiates, to increase my vibration.


The church is a furnace of spiritual alchemy, of which material alchemy is a metaphor.

It’s one of the rare cathedrals that concentrates the full magnum opus.

The alchemist is the one who transmutes :

  • Shadow (emotional wounds, desires, beliefs) into light.
  • Matter into spirit.
  • Duality into unity.

Thus, following the initiatory path of the cathedral leads to spiritual elevation.

The crypt allows me to plunge into myself before reaching the light of the upper part.

How to visit the cathedral?

To benefit from the cathedral’s energy, I can :

  1. Tour clockwise the interior of the building, to purify myself and gradually raise my vibrations.
  2. Walk the church labyrinth (see below).
  3. Walk up the central aisle to the choir.

During my visit, I felt the energies flowing through me. Then, for the rest of the day, I felt relaxed, as if after an energy healing session.

How to walk the Chartres labyrinth?

The labyrinth is a complex mechanism for re-energizing the body.

The idea is to turn around the energy point, in the same way as a rotor turns around an axis to generate electricity.

  1. Walk it barefoot (if there are chairs on the labyrinth, I can imagine walking it energetically: it has the same effect).
  2. Park on the first petal on the left for 30 seconds. And so on, clockwise, on each petal.
  3. Stand in the center, looking at the stained-glass windows at the main entrance (which serve as chromotherapy tools) for about 30 seconds.
  4. Exit the labyrinth, without going through it in the reverse direction.
  5. Return near the main entrance and look for a stone larger than the others: the stone of recovery (see photo below).
  6. Stand on this stone barefoot, with my back to the door, staring at the stained-glass windows at the back of the cathedral, for 20 seconds. At one point, raise and lower my head very quickly.
  7. Meditate on one of the chairs for a few minutes, in order to integrate.
Pierre de rétablissement
The stone of recovery

The stones in the labyrinth are polarized: one energizes, the next de-energizes, the next energizes and so on. This has a profound stimulating effect.

Originally, its center was covered with a copper plate. Since it’s no longer there, it’s advisable to walk around it with a small piece of copper in each hand. This allows to resonate with the roof.


Why is Chartres Cathedral an energy centre?

Because this ancient Druidic center remained one after the great Druids converted to Catholicism.

The building is packed with symbols for initiates on an alchemical quest.

This work of great knowledge represents the quintessence of the knowledge of the cathedral builders.

It contains the most advanced energy pathway to be found in any religious building.

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