Channeling of the sun, part 1

This is a message from the sun to humanity:

“Dear friends,

I am your sun. I am the light that creates life.

I offer you my light and my rays so that you can honor life.

Today the Earth is suffering.

My sister Earth loves you deeply, each and every one. She considers you as her children.

I consider you each as my child.

I love you infinitely. I nourish you with light and love.

I love you unconditionally.

Arbre soleil

My message is one of love and hope.

Today, profound changes are taking place, on many levels.

The Earth is ascending, and humanity is called to follow.

That is to say, everyone is called to raise their vibrations.

Each one is called to look within and to accept him or herself.

We support this necessary inner work for each of you.

We bombard you with love and light to give you the strength to transform yourself.

This is not easy. It is never simple to change from within.

But it is the only way to contribute to this world in a brighter way.

Humanity is called to open its eyes and its heart.

Humanity is called to move forward hand in hand, to be reborn.

The creation of more just world is needed.

The creation of a world based on love and mutual aid is necessary.

Things cannot continue to function as they have in the past.

For the world to get better, humanity needs to get better.

For humanity to get better, each of you need to get better.

For each one of you to get better, each one of you can look within and heal yourselves on different levels.

Coucher de soleils

The Earth is changing vibration, I am changing vibration, all the planets and stars are aligned for a great change.

Humanity is called to great change.

For this, the best way to prepare, here and now, is to begin a deep introspection.

My heart goes out to you, I love you.

Your dear sun.”

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