The 10 chakras

The rainbow-colored energy centers that are the laughing stock of skeptics. 😄

What is a chakra?

In Sanskrit, ‘chakra’ means ‘wheel’.

The chakras are energy vortexes that constantly rotate.

They structure the energetic body, and provide energy to the physical, emotional and mental bodies.

There are many chakras in my body, with 7 main ones located from the base of the spine to the top of the skull.

In order to feel healthy, it is essential that they are balanced and open.

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What are the chakras and their meaning?

My body’s energy is in constant motion. The chakras help to harmonize this fluctuating energy.

The first: root chakra

Located below the perineum, the root chakra connects me to the Earth.

It is the center of physical energy, which governs my structure: bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles.

The 1st chakra helps to stay grounded.

The second: hara chakra

The hara is the energy centre of the human, located just below the navel.

The hara chakra – or sacral chakra – controls the pulses of life energy sent through my body.

It supports action and creative energy, and ensures general harmony.

The third: solar plexus chakra

The solar plexus concentrates emotional energy.

It helps to regulate fears so that I can continue to live.

The plexus chakra is essential for the expression of emotions.

The fourth: heart chakra

The heart is the informational centre of the being.

It allows the energy of love to circulate, both inside and outside the body.

The 4th chakra allows me to love and show compassion.

The fifth: throat chakra

The throat is the centre of communication and speech.

When the energy flows, I can express myself with sincerity and accuracy.

Unexpressed angers can block the throat chakra.

The sixth chakra: 3rd eye chakra

Located in the middle of the forehead, it hosts thought energy and imagination.

When the third eye opens, I become aware of the manifestations of my ego.

The 6th chakra helps to calm the mind.

The seventh chakra: crown chakra

The crown is located at the top of the head, at the fontanel.

It concentrates spiritual energy.

The crown chakra connects to the higher consciousness.

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The new chakras

3 more chakras are now added to the usual 7. Their rise in power is due to the rise in vibration of the Earth and its inhabitants.

The clearsensitivity chakra

It is located between the heart and solar plexus chakras.

It increases the feeling of everything around me.

The harmonization chakra

It is situated between the heart and throat chakras.

This chakra takes me to the 5th dimension.

The cosmic chakra

It is found 20 centimeters above the fontanel.

The cosmic chakra connects me to other dimensions.

What to do in case of a blocked chakra?

The chakras make it possible to live.

If my 7 main chakras are blocked, it is not possible to stand.

A blocked chakra is an invitation to explore myself.

Once the message is assimilated, the chakra can start working again.

Emotional acceptance

The further I go along my introspective path, the more I accept my emotions, and the better my chakras function.

Example: My throat chakra is blocked because I am angry at my mother who did not trust me as a child. As a result, my energy is stuck in my head and I have a sore throat. By accepting this emotion, the chakra can open up again.

Find out how emotional acceptance works.

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The chakras are essential energy centers of the body.

When they are open, I enjoy better health on all levels.

By accepting the associated emotions, I can unblock chakras.

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