The energetic secrets of medieval cathedrals

These old buildings do better than energy drinks. 😄


European cathedrals were mostly built in the 12th and 13th centuries, in the Romanesque and Gothic architectures.

They replaced ancient churches.

Before the christian era, these same places were used as megalithic sites or pagan temples.

So, for thousands of years, a succession of religious buildings have been erected on the same sites. Why?

Because they are located on power points.


Power points

Telluric forces run through the Earth. Certain crossroads show high vibrations.

Guivre was the name given to the energy of these natural sites – often with a presence of water – guarded by a subtle being resembling a dragon.

Holy places have always been recognized for their benefits, particularly in terms of spiritual elevation and healing.

Dolmens were often erected here, as it is it’s an effective shape for capturing and amplifying telluric and cosmic currents. The same stone form was used for cathedrals: a vault on pillars.

The energetic knowledge was held by initiates. The great religious builders, such as Bernard of Clairvaux, possessed advanced esoteric skills.

Ancient knowledge

In the Middle Ages, the master builder was a druid with a vast knowledge of astrology, alchemy and geobiology.

The journeymen mastered their art down to the smallest detail, and passed on their secrets orally, mainly inherited from :

  • Celts.
  • Ancient Egypt.
  • The Atlanteans.

Proof of this extraordinary knowledge, these constructions stand through the centuries like the pyramids of Egypt.

A cathedral is built according to certain proportions – known as divine proportions – found in nature and the rest of the Universe. The golden ratio is one of these many geometric secrets.

A building in harmony with the laws of nature favours harmony within the human being.

Statues église


While sacred geometry comes to the fore, symbolism also has a special place.

The journeymen concealed energetic or pagan signs in their works.

The Virgin Mary stepping on the snake, or the Archangel Michael slaying the dragon, represent the mastery of the guivre.

A cathedral is a sophisticated collection of symbols, art and knowledge, designed to deliver an initiatory teaching.

The trinity is omnipresent:

  • Body, mind, soul.
  • Father, son, Holy Spirit.
  • Physical, spiritual, divine.
  • Rectangle, square, circle.

Cathedrals, abbeys and basilicas show us the way to spiritual elevation.

The secret purpose of cathedrals

These vessels linking earth, water and sky are designed to capture, amplify and concentrate energy currents.

They are built in such a way that all visitors benefit from them, without even noticing.

Medieval builders knew that high vibrations help human beings to access their divine part.

Despite the changes they have undergone over the centuries, cathedrals continue to contribute to the awakening of consciousness.

How to visit a church energetically?

A church is visited in a clockwise direction, for a gradual rise in vibrations. Then, back at the central portal, the central aisle can be walked up to the choir.

Energy points may vary. The main point is the radiating point, where the altar used to be located (before the Second Vatican Council).

The great cathedrals of the Middle Ages have an elaborate, customizable energy path reserved for the initiated.

For visitors, the most interesting is the labyrinth on the floor, known as the Jerusalem path.

Although in most buildings it has been paved over, it is sometimes still visible, as in Chartres.

Walking it barefoot allows to get the most out of it, before parking in the center.

It’s all about internal alchemy: the cathedral is the athanor for completing the magnum opus within myself.

Labyrinthe cathédrale


What are the energetic secrets of medieval cathedrals?

These condensations of millennia-old knowledge help transform human beings.

To find out more, Henri Vincenot’s channeled novel The Prophet of Compostela reveals the secrets of medieval builders.

Cathedrals are imbued with druidic science, designed to restore the creative power of the human being – the very opposite of religious domination!

In the future, these great buildings will become secular places for rejuvenation and spiritual awakening.

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