Energetic and emotional benefits of the sea

The big puddle filled with whales and mermaids that heals. 😄

The sea

The sea has a sacred dimension in most civilisations.

Its immensity, depth and mystery have always attracted human beings.

Mythology is full of legends linked to the sea.

Waters are the source of life. They are indispensable to the Earth.

The oceans are far from having revealed all their magic.


Benefits of the seas

People benefit from contact with the ocean more than they think.

Physical body

Taking a dip for a few minutes a week is good for health.

Seawater is full of minerals, trace elements and other particles that revitalise the body.

The skin absorbs exactly what the body needs.

Drinking one glass of seawater per month strengthens the immune system.

Energetic body

The sun, moon, rain, thunder and ocean currents energize the oceans all the time.

Swimming is revitalizing.

The body is recharged with energy by the waves.

The simple proximity of the water makes us feel better.

Dauphin mer

Emotional body

The sea has a purifying effect.

It helps to cleanse oneself emotionally.

Emotions leave behind burdens that water helps to evacuate.

This is why it is advisable to take a sea bath after intense emotions or a therapeutic session.

Some of the ocean’s secrets

  • Many marine species are yet to be discovered. Some aquatic plants are thousands of years old.
  • Waves contain enough energy to cover the needs of the whole planet.
  • Dolphins feel the presence of a human being from several kilometers away, and pick up his or her intention.
  • Some whales can eat up to 30 tons of food a day.
  • Sharks can sense human emotions.
  • Seaweed can harness sea energy.


The benefits of the sea are numerous.

It is in the interest of human beings to care for and honor the ocean.

We can start with gratitude.

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