Benefits of sport

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I am not credible: I wrote this article sitting on a sofa! 😄

Why do sport?

Sport is essential for the proper functioning of all bodies.

During a session, the different parts of ourselves work together to achieve sporting performance.


Physical body

When mobility is reduced, without sport, health declines.

Sportsmen and women know that the muscles need frequent stimulation.

The cells are fed with oxygen. During exertion, they are refilled.

The organs all benefit from sporting activity, for example:

  • The heart beats harder. It can increase its capacity in the long term.
  • Cardio is good for the liver, which receives more blood.
  • The lungs are stimulated by breathlessness and become stronger.

Energetic body

Exercise mobilises energy throughout the body.

If there is a malfunction, the energy remains blocked.

Thus, the energy influx highlights our resistances, for example, a stitch in the side.

Emotional body

Behind most resistances, there is one or more emotional causes.

The same is true for a pain or a physical symptom.

Spiritual body

When we are in motion, we push our limits. Thus, doing sport allows us to know ourselves better.

We glimpse our true nature through the veils of the ego.

For we are much more than a physical body, we are unlimited beings.

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Learning to listen to yourself

There are many different sports. Some we enjoy more than others, because we intuitively know that they are right for us.

Listening to ourselves is important, as intuition guides us to the best possible options.

However, it is important to distinguish between :

  • The needs of the body.
  • The needs of the ego.

Example: Matthew likes running. He signs up for a marathon. He achieves an impressive time which is admired by his friends. Motivated by this good result, he prepares for an ultra-trail of 80 kilometers. He trained hard several times a week. Then one day he injured his knee. In reality, he did not listen to the warning pains, and overused his body without asking for its opinion. His motivations were ego-based, including the underlying fear that he wouldn’t succeed.

The body’s needs

Intuition gives us the keys to know exactly what we need.

Even if each person has different needs, there are some universal principles:

  • Rest is essential: it is advisable not to use the same muscles two days in a row.
  • Understand the cause (often emotional) behind each pain, each trauma, before proceeding.
  • Go gradually.
  • Use intuitive eating.

A person who is in perfect health at all levels does not need to warm up, and does not have stiffness. He or she knows how to communicate with his/her body in order to be at his/her best.

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What are the benefits of sport?

Sport is an investment in your health, physically, energetically, emotionally and spiritually.

Intuitive guidance allows us to listen to our body, to understand exactly what we need.

I help athletes to improve their sports performance and go beyond their limits.

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