Emotional and energetic benefits of sleep

No, snoozing 😴 is not for the lazy! 😄

Why sleep?

Sleeping is essential for good health.

If my body does not recharge its batteries, it will have to limit its energy during the day.

People who do not sleep well are more likely to be ill.

The night allows for the integration of physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual changes.


Physical body

The body has the ability to regenerate itself.

In bed, my heart changes rhythm and breathing becomes deeper to promote recovery.

My nervous system is put to rest to relax the whole body.

My immune system works more efficiently.

My organs are rebuilt.

Emotional body

The emotional body expresses itself through dreams and nightmares.

Sleep helps to integrate the emotional work.

Mental body

During rest, the brain enters a different mode.

My thoughts stop.

My mind is paused.

Energetic body

At night, my energetic body regulates itself and stabilises.

My cells need to have a rest to recharge their energy.

A short nap is an effective way to maintain an excellent energy level throughout the day.

Spiritual body

My spiritual body reconnects to my essence and downloads the necessary information.


How to sleep?

There are no fixed rules, as each person is different.

Sleep disorders

Insomnia can have many causes.

However, emotions are often the main cause.

The quality of sleep is affected by life wounds.

It is by accepting my memories that I can regain a baby’s sleep.

The more I explore myself, the better I sleep.

Improve the depth of sleep

Taking forty winks does not help us to recover effectively.

When I feel at peace, I can sleep deeper.

However, my body is often in survival mode.

Behind this state there are often emotional memories that need to be explored.

It is recommended not to eat too much before going to bed.

My digestive system cleanses itself at night, and it cannot do so effectively if the dinner was too heavy.

How long to sleep?

Everyone needs different sleeping times.

However, a perfectly healthy adult only needs a few hours of sleep per night.

If I sleep more than 7 hours a night on average, I am probably conditioned by my emotions and beliefs.

A child who has often been scolded for going to bed may live with the unconscious belief “I need to sleep more to be loved”. And so, automatically, all his life, he or she will sleep longer.

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The benefits of sleep are many, on all levels.

The key to a good night’s rest is introspection, as most sleep disorders are emotional in origin.

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