Benefits of singing

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It is vital to sing.

What is singing?

Singing is using the human body to make music.

The vocal cords emit a set of sounds. These sounds form a harmony.

To sing is a way of being in the present moment.

Why should we sing?

Chanting is natural. Everyone is made to sing.

The first thing a baby does at birth is to scream.

We are all sensitive to music.

In adulthood, many people stop singing, for many reasons.

Recovering the joy of singing is a way to express who we are.

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What is intuitive chanting?

Intuitive singing is expressing what comes into our head.

When intuition is used, magic happens.

It is often used in shamanic healing.


The power of songs is underestimated.

Physical body

Singing stimulates the body’s self-healing.

Our cells naturally vibrate at certain frequencies.

When we listen to musics we like, our cells interact with some sounds to harmonise.

In this way, they strengthen themselves.

It is even more powerful if we sing, because we are emitting the precise frequencies that the physical body needs.

Emotional body

To chant allows to express emotions.

When a song resonate with our emotional wounds, it can move us to tears.

The greatest singers are those who touch us the most.

There is nothing like a lullaby to soothe a child.

Singing therapy is a way of releasing blocked emotions.

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Energetic body

Sound is a set of frequencies, which interact with other frequencies.

As everything is frequency and vibration, sound influences the energetic body.

Spiritual body

When we sing, we reconnect to our essence.

The voice is a channel for healing energies.

In this way, we allow to be ourselves.

How to sing in tune?

We all have the ability to sing in tune.

However, there are many emotions that prevent us from singing certain notes.

For example, the diaphragm can be blocked by fears or anxieties.

The best way to regain natural singing is through emotional transmutation.



The benefits of singing are many.

To sing is a powerful tool for emotional release, allowing us to express our inner nature.

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