What is the healthiest salt?

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What is in salt?

The majority of edible salt is sodium chloride.

The remaining few percent are made up of mineral salts and trace elements.

It is these that make the difference between two salts.

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How much salt do I need?

Sodium chloride is essential to my health… in small doses.

Knowing that a pizza dough contains the recommended daily dose, I am quickly in excess.

Food companies use refined salt extensively to improve the flavor and shelf life of processed foods.

Excess salt can lead to health problems, especially heart disease.

By cooking my own food, it is easier to control the quantity and quality of salt.

Which salt is healthy?

I usually consume enough table salt.

However, in small doses, it is necessary for :

  • Reduce fat storage.
  • Regulate the blood.
  • Provide energy.

On the other hand, my body tends to lack minerals and trace elements. The best salts are those that contain them.

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Best salts in the world

The following salts have an exceptional nutritional value:

  • Pink salt (Himalayas): rich in calcium.
  • Guérande salt (France): harvested by hand from clay soils.
  • Mirror salt from the Uyuni salar (Bolivia): from the largest salt desert.
  • Snow salt (Egypt): in elongated crystals, from a mine under a desert.
  • Bamboo salt (Korea): heated in bamboos sealed with red clay.
  • Persian blue salt (Iran): rich in magnesium.

Other benefits of salt

It has other surprising uses.


Salt is a crystal with purifying power.

For example, coarse salt is used in homes to cleanse the energy: it absorbs stagnant waves and memories.

In case of strong emotions, a bowl of salt nearby during the emotional acceptance process can help balance me out.

It is then advisable to flush it down the toilet.

Salt baths

Bathing in the sea is healthy, as it helps my body to feed itself with the trace elements it lacks.

I can also take baths with natural coarse salt in a bathtub.

It is recommended to add Epsom salt.

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What are the benefits of salt?

Salt is especially interesting for its mineral and trace element content.

It also has energetic and emotional properties.

Who am I?

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