Energetic benefits of quartz

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What is quartz?

Quartz or rock crystal is a mineral that consists mainly of silica.

It is one of the most common minerals found all over the world.

The quartz family includes :

  • Transparent quartz.
  • Multiple coloured quartz, the best known of which is rose quartz.
  • Smoky quartz.
  • Amethyst.
  • Citrine.

Quartz is an essential component of granite and sandstone.

There are also quartz crystals that are modified by man to obtain specific properties.

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Piezoelectric effect

Quartz has special properties, in particular the piezoelectric effect:

  • A mechanical pressure causes the emission of an electric current.
  • The application of an electric current causes a physical deformation.

In other words, it links matter and frequencies.


In all inspired civilisations, quartz has been used for many purposes.

It is a tool of transformation, often used in energy healing.

Physical body

In crystal healing, quartz has shown promising results to :

  • Relieve burns.
  • Improve blood circulation.
  • Soothe eye strain.
  • Reduce intestinal disorders.
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Energetic body

However, the main advantages of quartz are energetic.

It can store energy. Thus, it can help store information.

Quartz crystals act as energy catalysts. They amplify the energy received, before retransmitting it.

Rock crystal also has a purifying power. As such, it is used in homes.

Spiritual body

Quartz helps to strengthen the spiritual connection.

When energetically charged, it helps to raise the vibratory rate.

It is a tool frequently used in the subtle worlds.



What are the benefits of quartz?

It has remarkable energetic capacities.

Moreover, it ensures the link between matter and energy.

Rock crystals have a more important role to play than we think.

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