Benefits of mosquitoes for humans

The king of botherers gets a bad press: let’s campaign for its rehabilitation! 😄

Why is the mosquito unpopular?

The mosquito has always been considered a pest, because :

  • It bites and takes my blood.
  • It carries diseases: malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever, chikungunya, West Nile virus.
  • It disturbs sleep.
  • It cause itchy spots.

Mosquitoes are unpopular because we only see the negative in them.

Should mosquitoes be killed?

Many people swat mosquitoes, and I confess I have done so for a long time.

But killing any animal is against nature.

Human beings have always tried to eliminate what doesn’t suit them.

Rather than fighting nature, isn’t it time we worked hand in hand with it?

Natural measures

There are natural solutions to keep mosquitoes away without killing them:

  • Avoid stagnant water, for example in plant pots. Once the female mosquito has bitten, she looks for a moist place to lay her eggs.
  • Use mosquito repellent. Beware: most repellents are toxic. I should look for a natural and organic one.
  • Use essential oils. Pouring 1 or 2 drops of tea tree or citronella essential oil into a pond once a week will prevent mosquitoes from breeding, without damaging the environment.


Hard to believe, but yes, this insect has its benefits!

Blood indicator

Mosquitoes do not bite just anywhere: like leeches, they land where humans need them most. They prefer areas where blood tends to stagnate, as they love nourishing toxins.

Localized stings inform me that :

  • My blood is loaded with toxins. I could benefit from a blood detox.
  • I have poor blood circulation – which is common in lower legs.

Immune indicator

The mosquito stimulates my immune system, because its saliva contains :

  • Anticoagulants and anesthetics.
  • Pathogens: parasites, viruses, bacteria.

If I’m in perfect health on every level (physically, energetically, emotionally), then I have nothing to fear from mosquitoes. They won’t even bite me.

Pimples, rashes, itching and allergies tell me about :

  • The weakness of my immune system
  • The need to go inside myself to see what’s going on.

Note that my body is perfectly capable of emitting natural mosquito repellents via my skin. If it does not, it is because it considers the bites to be beneficial.

Energetic benefits

Mosquitoes bite mainly on :

This way, they get energized blood.

Insect bites boost my energetic body.

Emotional benefits

An abundance of bites in one area alerts me to a lack of harmony within myself. As we’ve seen, the mosquito prefers to bite where the body does not function properly (stagnant toxin-laden blood, energetic blockages).

The causes of these dysfunctions are mostly emotional.

I can discover how to deal with my emotions.

I was always being pricked in the ankles. While exploring myself emotionally, I discovered an emotional wound, more specifically a fear of losing my blood. I accepted this memory, and the bites gradually reduced.

The mosquito is an excellent emotional trigger. It irritates. It’s scary because it transmits dangerous diseases.

I can put the blame on the mosquitoes, or I can see emotions and diseases as opportunities for transformation. This does not mean I should not protect myself, especially in high-risk areas.

Other benefits


  • Are an important link in the food chain.
  • Are useful to certain plants.
  • Protect remote natural areas from human invasion.


What are the benefits of mosquitoes for humans?

Contrary to popular belief, the mosquito is a useful animal.

It only stings me when I need it, to highlight my energetic and emotional blockages.

Instead of blaming the mosquito, I can thank it and use the opportunity to explore myself.

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  1. Michael Nixon, D.Ac.

    I have noticed this for many years, that mosquitos tend to bite on my kidney points on the ankles

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