Benefits of laughter

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Find out how it can improve your life.

The power of laughing

Everyone has the ability to laugh.

However, few people allow themselves to burst out laughing every day.

Laughing is an indispensable human characteristic, which helps to :

  • Lighten the mood.
  • Not to take oneself too seriously.
  • Relieve tension.
  • Play down.
  • Share.
  • Have fun.
  • Experience joy.
  • Make life more enjoyable.
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Health benefits of laughter

To laugh is linked to joy, and therapeutic.

This is why we send clowns to hospitals.

Physical body

2 minutes of fun every day helps to reduce the stress in the body.

This allows the body to relax and be healthier.

The benefits can be seen in the physical appearance: it is easy to tell the difference between a cheerful person and a sulky one.

Having the giggles allows a deep relaxation of the nervous system.

Energetic body

By releasing certain tensions, the energy starts to flow again.

Laughing strengthens the energetic body and helps it to repair itself.

Moreover, laughing is energizing.

Emotional body

Having a good laugh allows us to release certain blocked emotions.

By laughing, we allow ourselves to feel less guilty.

The only condition is that we do not joke at the expense of others.

Spiritual body

Children have fun naturally.

As adults, most of us laugh much less often.

We take life too seriously. But life is about enjoying and living!

Our Higher Consciousness is composed of love and light. The joy of laughter is part of our essence.

By guffawing, we open ourselves to our divine part.

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How to laugh more?

It is not necessary to watch comedy to laugh, although this is a practical option.

It is quite possible to voluntarily trigger a giggle on your own.

This is what laughter yoga is all about.


  • Recall a funny situation.
  • Start laughing out loud in a provoked way.
  • Imitate the movements of laughter: lift your shoulders, say “ha ha ha”, clap your hands on your thighs, etc.
  • Gradually, natural laughter will occur.

If you cannot laugh, or only with the help of alcohol or drugs, then this is a sign that many emotions are preventing you from being yourself.

A session with an emotional therapist could help.

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The benefits of laughter are many.

We all need humor regularly: it is one of the best therapies.

Laughing is free, available at will, easy, and even better with others.

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