Energetic and spiritual benefits of flowers

Everyone admires them: they are beautiful, they smell good, they delight hearts.

Why do we like flowers?

Flowers are diverse and varied: in size, shape and color.

Tulips, roses, lilies… There are many varieties, each more inspiring than the last.

Flowers bring color, joy and harmony into our lives.

Giving a bouquet is considered a symbol of love.

The greatest perfumes are concocted from the aromas of flowers.

Floral arrangements are associated with important stages of life.


Benefits for nature

The primary role of flowers is to enable plants to reproduce.

They use stratagems to attract pollinating insects: color, smell…

The flower is made up of petals, stamens and a pistil: it is a sacred receptacle destined to receive the workers of fertility.

It represents fertilisation, life.

Pollen and nectar are collected by bees to make delicious products, including honey.

Benefits for the human being

They are essential to our well-being. A bunch of flowers in the house makes everyone happy.

Physical body

They stimulate our senses.

When we look at a flower, we reconnect with the beauty of life.

When we smell it, we inspire life.

Some edible flowers can also be enjoyed: they are excellent sources of nutrition.


Energetic body

A bouquet helps to increase the vibrations of a place.

Otherwise, the smell of the flowers helps to harmonise the energy in the body.

Their essence can be used in aromatherapy.

Spiritual body

Flowers show us how to shine. Like them, we can open up to life and flourish.

They have inspired artists through the centuries.

They tell us to shine with our natural radiance: to be ourselves, not the character based on our fears.

The flower is the symbol of blossoming, of openness to the world.

It welcomes the sunlight and captures its rays. We too can welcome light into our lives.

It teaches us to live in the moment, without worrying about tomorrow.



What are the benefits of flowers?

They bring joy to all the human beings.

They represent reproduction and life.

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