Benefits of dancing

Bienfaits danse

Night fever, night fever / We know how to do it / Gimme that night fever, night fever / We know how to show it! 😄

Why do we like to dance?

Dance is a physical activity that has always accompanied human beings in all cultures.

It is a form of :

  • Expression.
  • Sport.
  • Social and emotional interaction.
  • Art.

In fact, it is probably the first art form practiced by humanity.

To dare to shake is to offer oneself a moment of intimacy, joy and relaxation.

Danse orientale

Letting go

We need to let go at times.

Dancing allows us to :

  • Have fun.
  • Relax.
  • Relieve pressure.
  • Not take ourselves too seriously.

It adds a touch of madness to our lives.

What are the benefits of dance?

Dancing to the beat has beneficial effects at all levels.

Physical body

Moving stimulates the health of all parts of the body.

It requires precise coordination of movements.

We use muscles that are not usually used.

Personally, dancing allows me to be more flexible.

Mental body

The brain releases molecules that promote well-being.

When we dance, we forget our worries.

We switch off the mind, and centre ourselves.

Example: I am dancing. I am not projecting myself into the future.

Pieds Bouger

Emotional body

Music and dance have therapeutic effects.

Some emotions can prevent us from releasing fully when we dance in public:

  • Shame.
  • Fear of being judged.
  • Fear of not being loved.

Emotional release work can help us to be ourselves.

Spiritual body

When we move, we promote the expression of our being.

Dancing is channeling in movement.

These are often movements that heal without realizing it.

Energetic body

Stirring oneself allows the release of energy blockages.

The energy flows intensely.

Every cell contributes to the body‘s energy expenditure.

Femme écouter musique


The benefits of dancing are immense.

Dancing regularly is a great way to enjoy yourself, while stimulating your body.

Why not put on a song, and start moving?

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