Energetic and spiritual benefits of nature

Open the door of your home… Run and lie down in a field of flowers… And enjoy! 😄

Why should we respect nature?

Nature is the expression of life, which manifests itself in many forms.

In all cultures, at all times, human beings have celebrated its benefits.

Today, we have partially lost this connection to the environment.

For this reason, more and more city dwellers feel the need to go green.

We can honor nature for its infinite generosity.

Brouillard fleurs

Nature’s gifts

Earth, sky, wind, water and fire accompany us.

Running in the forest rejuvenates the whole being.

Lying on a beach in the sun provides welcome relaxation.

Climbing to the top of a volcano makes our soul vibrate.

It is a real pleasure to observe animals in their natural habitat: birds, insects, mammals.

The elementals are our brothers: they accompany us, and show us how to take care of nature.

Plants are our sisters: they feed us, heal us, shade us, protect us and offer us their beauty.

The benefits of nature for humans

Its many benefits make us feel better.

Physical body

Going for a weekly walk in nature is probably the best thing we can do to be healthy.

It helps to :

  • Be physically active.
  • Relax the nervous system.
  • Sleep better.
  • Stimulate the immune system.

Mental body

Being alone in the middle of nature often allows you to experience great inner peace.

One of the best exercises is to lean against a tree, barefoot, close the eyes and breathe deeply.

In this way we reconnect and recharge our batteries.

Montagne plage

Energetic body

The energetic body connects to the different elements and reharmonises.

The planet is generous, it offers us what we need.

Lakes, seas, forests, rain, sun, moon and mountains are full of beneficial energy.

Emotional body

Walking in nature has therapeutic effects.

It is an opportunity to free oneself from anxiety, stress and worries.

Spiritual body

The Earth is the setting for our incarnation, helping us to achieve what we came to experience.

Immersing ourselves in nature reminds us that we are connected to everything.

To destroy the ecosystem is to destroy a part of ourselves.

The spirits of nature send us many signs:

  • The waves are the caresses of the sea.
  • The wind inspires us.
  • The raven carries messages.
  • A feather is a wink from our Guardian Angel.
Grenouille papillon


The benefits of nature are infinite.

Nature is nothing but love.

Let’s reconnect with it, and be grateful for all it offers us.

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