Plant communication in the forest

No, hugging trees is not just for hippies. 😄

What is a forest?

The forest is a cathedral of nature.

It is a place of life, home to many plants, stones, animals and elementals.

Nature is a balance between different beings, and the forest is the evidence of this.

Today, the world’s forests are suffering because humans think they belong to them.

Let’s take care of our woods again!

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The benefits of forests

We know intuitively that the forest regenerates and recharges our batteries.

It is calming for the whole being.

A walk in the forest allows you to take a break and breathe.

Benefits of trees

Trees are wise and benevolent beings.

They support us, heal us and recharge us with energy.

They are always willing to help us.

Each tree has its own specificity, and can bring us what we need at a given moment.

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Tree hug protocol

There is a way for finding the right tree.

Stand in front of the trunk.

Close your eyes.

Ask “Is it time to hug this tree?

If it is a “yes”, the body leans forward.

If it’s a “no”, the body leans back.

Embrace the tree and send love to it.

Communicating with trees

All plants communicate with each other.

Trees are not just pieces of wood.

They are beings with which it is possible to interact.

They are our brothers and sisters, and deserve our gratitude.

Just as there is animal communication, there is also plant communication.

Felt sense is an interesting option to start talking to trees.

Cutting down a tree is done by asking for its consent.



The benefits of the forest are precious.

It is a haven of life, peace, serenity and gentleness.

Trees deserve our deepest respect, just as every living being does.

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