How can I practice intuitive eating ?

School scandal: young boy refuses canteen mashed potatoes after his body says ‘no’. 😄

What is a healthy diet?

Each body is different.

Eating cucumber will be healthy for one, unhealthy for another.

Fasting can be a liberating experience or a detrimental one.

While some foods (such as organic vegetables) are healthy for most bodies, it is difficult to offer dietary advice.

What is the best way to compose balanced meals?

By asking the body what it wants to eat.

Yes, it is possible!

Who knows better than my body what is healthy for it?


How to ask the body what to eat?

Nutritionists and dieticians use the muscle test to question the body.

However, the best is to use my felt sense.

My body guides me on its needs in real time : it is called intuitive eating.


  • Do I need to drink water now?
  • Is eating an avocado good for me?
  • How long should I cook these carrots?
  • How much sunflower seeds should I take?
  • What food should I buy?

Personally, my body loves organic whole grains.

However, the felt sense (or muscle testing) is not reliable when an emotion is present.

It is then useful to combine it with the emotional acceptance process.

Arbre chemin

Basics of healthy eating

While it is best to question the body, it can be helpful to be aware of some broad guidelines:

  • The ideal diet is 2 meals a day for adults.
  • Conscious eating helps to get the most out of food.
  • There should not be 2 identical menus, as our needs are constantly changing.
  • The average diet requires 40% cereals, preferably organic and wholegrain.
  • The 5 most nutritious cereals or pseudocereals for humanity are: quinoa, spelt, buckwheat, sorghum and rice.
  • The body needs an average of 20% vegetables.
  • Dead animals (meat, fish, seafood) are only useful to compensate body’s imbalances. A perfectly healthy body does not need them.


How to eat a balanced diet?

The body knows exactly what it needs.

The key to eating well is to directly ask my body.

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