Bach flower remedies: how do they work exactly?

Understand how flowers diluted in large quantities of water and alcohol can heal. 😄

Who is Dr. Bach?

Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936) was an English physician.

At the age of 31, he was diagnosed with a tumor. It was then that he established the link between diseases and emotions.

Inspired by the principles of homeopathy, he decided to devote himself to a more holistic vision of medicine.

In the course of his research, he found a correspondence between emotional states and certain plants.

Moving away from allopathic medicine, he used his intuition to discover medicinal remedies and perfect his method.

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Bach flowers

Edward Bach devoted his life to defining 38 flower essences.

They are based on plants with medicinal properties.

Each remedy is linked to an emotional state, which are grouped into 7 nosodes or families of emotions:

  • Fear.
  • Uncertainty.
  • Lack of interest.
  • Loneliness.
  • Hypersensitivity.
  • Hopelessness.
  • Excessive preoccupation.

Each flower has specific properties. For example:

  • Crab apple purifies energetically and spiritually.
  • Chestnut bud helps to restore light to depression.
  • Honeysuckle prevents dwelling on the past.

Bach essence No. 27 does not come from a plant: it is made from pure spring water.

There is also a 39th remedy, rescue, a combination of 5 flowers that Edward Bach developed following the rescue of a castaway.

Flower essences manufacturing process

Flowers harvested under specific conditions are added to water.

Depending on the plant, one of two processes is used:

  • Sun method.
  • Boiling method.

After filtration, the macerate is diluted with water and alcohol, the latter for preservation.

The result is a mother tincture.

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When should I take a Bach flower remedy?

Dosage recommendations can be misleading.

How to choose?

The advantage of Bach flower essences is that I can know which ones to take depending on my emotional state.

This approach was completely innovative, and continues to be so: usually, treatment is based on physical symptoms.

There are Bach practitioners.

However, using my felt sense can help me to define by myself:

  • Which remedies I need.
  • In what quantity.
  • When to take them.


There are several derivative products based on Bach flower remedies, but the mother tincture is the most commonly used.

A Bach remedy are taken orally, drop by drop.

There is no universal dosage, as each person has different needs.

It is advisable to leave the drops in the mouth for about 30 seconds, before swallowing them.

How does it work?

Bach flowers are homeopathic remedies.

The memory of water transmits the energetic imprint of plants.

The flower essence therefore contains the information of the active substances, which is like taking the flower itself.

The energetic action acts on emotional and spiritual balance, which can have an effect on physical symptoms.

Dr. Bach used to say that “illness is a conflict between the Soul and the personality”: in other words, illness is a tool for transformation, enabling me to realign myself with my path of life.


It’s incredible to know that a flower can have an impact on my emotions.

However, to heal certain emotional wounds, remedies are sometimes not enough.

It is advisable to combine Bach remedies with emotional introspection and other therapies.

Example: I feel lonely and impatient. I decide to take Himalayan balsam (Impatiens, Bach flower remedy no. 18). I feel better, but the emotions continue to overwhelm me. Turning inward, I realize that I need to express these emotions to my parents.

I can discover how to deal with my emotions.

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Bach flower remedies: how do they work exactly?

This therapy is revolutionary:

  • Using the observation of feelings to determine which remedy to use.
  • Using flowers for energetic, emotional and spiritual action.

Efficiency is difficult to assess, as every emotional wound is different. In the case of repeating emotions, it’s advisable to go further than just taking drops.

If Dr Edward Bach left the foundations of a remarkable channeled work, he did so with the means available at the time.

Perhaps the time has come to optimize Bach flower remedies by:

  • Updating the list of medicinal flowers, now that many other plants are available.
  • Perfecting the harvesting and preservation processes (alcohol-free, for example).
  • Encouraging users to use their intuition.

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