Energetic benefits of yawning

Warning, the following is contagiously yawn-inducing! 😄 Why do I yawn? To yawn is a natural behavior found in humans and animals. It usually consists of : Causes of yawning Why are yawns contagious? When someone yawns, it makes me want to imitate them. Yawning is a physiological phenomenon that unconsciously tells others that I …

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Gentle skin detox

The skin is of fundamental importance. It is essential to clean it regularly.


Gentle brain detox

Your head is on fire? Fortunately, a brain detox can make you feel better.

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Gentle ear detox

How can I improve my hearing? Cleansing of the ears is the solution.


Gentle muscle detox

How to clean my muscles and increase my performance? Let’s discover the detox of the muscle.

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Gentle scalp detox

How to get beautiful hair again? Discover the secrets of capillary detox.

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Gentle colon detox

How to naturally clean my intestines? Here are some simple and effective methods.


How does spagyria work?

What are the secrets of the spagyric elixirs? Discover how they are created, and why they are so effective.


Reiki, energetic practice

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique using the laying on of hands. Find out how it works, its benefits and its risks.


Intuitive writing

How to receive messages from the subtle worlds? User’s guide to intuitive writing.


What is a shaman?

What is the purpose of a shaman? What are the benefits of shamanism? How can one become a shaman?

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How to be myself?

How can I free myself from the character I have created? Discover the secret to awaken your inner light.