Spiritual explanation of astrology

It’s reading in the sky that I will have 3 children. 😄

What is astrology?

Astrology is the analysis of the position of the stars and their influence on human nature.

It is based on astronomy and mathematics.

Observing the sun, planets and stars helps to welcome knowledge of the universe.

The zodiac, i.e. the 12 astrological signs of the horoscope, is closely related to the way the Earth moves in the sky.

The constellations are vibratory linked stars.

For thousands of years, in all civilisations, astrologists have been interpreting the messages of the planets, in order to :

  • Understand the episodes of life.
  • Predict the future.
  • Describe the personality.
  • Identify karmic and generational wounds.

The astrologist has usually spent many years studying passionately the language of the sky.

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What is the natal chart?

Each person is born with a unique astrological chart.

The natal chart is a snapshot of the moving sky at the precise time and place of birth.

It is on this that the astrologer bases his interpretations, and in particular :

  • The zodiac sign – or astrological sign.
  • The ascendant.
  • The position of the sun, moon and planets.
  • The predominant element (fire, water, earth or air).

The astro-chart thus serves as a guide to self-understanding, and constantly reveals new layers of information.

My natal chart helped me to understand the details of my incarnation. Why am I here?

How does astrology work?

Why does the positioning of distant planets influence our lives?

The vibratory influence of the planets

The human being is composed of vibrations and frequencies.

Every being or object vibrates, and all these invisible frequencies resonate.

Thus, we are constantly interacting with our environment on many levels.

The planets are huge rocks, emitting intense frequencies.

Their vibration influence is consequent on our lives.

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For its incarnation, the soul chooses its parents and the circumstances of its birth.

The astrological positions at the time of the first breath correspond to what the soul comes to experience on the earth plane.

Thus the individual will have the characteristics and the basic plan of life necessary for its evolution.

How does the sky determine my life?

The movement of the planets allows us to understand that everything is linked.

The human being is not isolated in the universe, he is connected to all the elements, whether close by or millions of kilometres away.

Life is organised as astrology describes it, because the human being is an incarnation destined to live specific events, to allow the soul to evolve.

The essence of each person is expressed in a unique way.

It is a bit like the soul selecting the ingredients for the desired recipe: such and such a position of the stars to obtain such and such a life.



How does astrology work?

If my life seems like a series of meaningless events, astrology can help me understand that maybe things happen for a reason.

It is a powerful tool for self-discovery.

The level of accuracy depends on the expertise of the astrologist.

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