How to learn animal communication?


Find out how to interact with animals.

What is animal communication?

It is not easy to know how to deal with animals.

We don’t always understand the behavior of our animal friends.

Animal communication, or animal telepathy, allows for more meaningful interactions.

For thousands of years, humans and animals have had a relationship of respect and understanding.

You don’t need to bark or meow to communicate with a dog or cat.

There are easier ways!

Discover animal communication.


Who can communicate with an animal?

Some sensitive people naturally understand animals.

We may believe that this skill is reserved for certain people with a gift.

In reality, everyone can be an animal communicator.

But few people know about their ability.

Animals understand human beings

Animals are extremely sensitive beings, much more so than we think.

They pick up the vibrations that we emit.

It is not communication as we know it.

Animals do not understand the sentences we create, but rather the intention.

  • Horses pick up our life signals, they understand and reflect our emotions.
  • Cows know they will end up in the slaughterhouse.
  • Cats sense if a woman is pregnant, and adapt their behavior.
  • Dogs can tell when their master is on the way home, even from several kilometers away.

How to communicate with animals?

The animals enjoy talking to us.

Talking to animals

It is possible to speak to an animal out loud, or in thought.

It will pick up the essence of the message.

For example, a squirrel will understand a thought of love for him.

On the other hand, if you inform a cat that it will soon receive its kibble, it will probably not react: the notion of time is confusing for pets.


Understanding animals

Animals are not talkative.

They communicate little, just what is needed, with kindness and respect.

They do not express ready-made phrases.

Communication with animals is mainly through the transmission of :

  • Thoughts.
  • Feelings.
  • Emotions.
  • Images.

What we understand is an interpretation through our prism of perception.

Animal communication is never accurate.

In other words: what prevents us from receiving clear animal messages is within us.

It is emotions, thoughts and beliefs that distort the message or make it imperceptible.

By undertaking work on ourselves, and transmuting our blocked emotions, we can develop our animal communication.

The easiest way to start is to use intuitive writing.

Colibri plante


How to learn animal communication?

Everyone is able to communicate with animals.

The only condition for receiving clear messages is to have done some emotional work on oneself.

Animal communication is still in its infancy; there is no doubt that it will be essential in building a better world.

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