Spiritual wisdom of Ancient Egypt

Scoop: the pyramids were built by a bored grandfather in retirement. 😄

Who were the ancient Egyptians?

It was the Atlanteans who escaped the disappearance of Atlantis who founded the Egyptian civilisation. The Egyptian sands contain the memory of these glorious ancestors.

Ancient Egypt was a united country integrating several cultures.

Its inhabitants were characterized by their erudition, their architectural prowess and their spirituality.

They had succeeded in defining a luminous path to the afterlife.

Today’s Egypt has little to do with its illustrious past.

Abu Simbel

The legacy of Ancient Egypt

The ancient Egyptians left behind many treasures, including temples designed to guide human beings to the spiritual path.


There are dozens of pyramids in Egypt.

However, the great pyramids of Giza, especially the pyramid of Cheops, are world famous. They are powerful energy antennas, which were used for initiation rituals.

The method used for their construction is still a matter of debate. Even with our current technology, it would be difficult to achieve such accuracy.

This proves that the Egyptians had access to universal knowledge.

The pyramid of Saqqara, built on a particularly powerful energy centre, is a major site.

Nile river

The waters of the Nile are sacred.

The river is a long vibratory corridor, an energetic path associated with the Milky Way.

The Nile river promotes unity, not only physically, but on all levels.

Mount Sinai

Sinai is the epicenter of a strong magnetic field.

It stimulates the awakening of every human’s magnetic field, and vibrates at a high energy level.

It is a place of convergence of human and subtle beings, and also a meeting place between the Earth and the extraterrestrial world.


The famous Egyptian ankh cross symbolises life, especially eternal life.


The Egyptians knew that physical death is only a passage.

They prepared the deceased for this passage by mummifying them.

Why were the ancient Egyptians spiritually advanced?

As with the Incas, it was the Atlanteans who created the genes that would give rise to the Egyptian civilisation.

Of course, only an elite had access to the knowledge of ascension.

However, at the times when this elite was in power, it reflected on the whole population.

Some pharaohs like Akhenaten were particularly inspired.


Metaphorical legends included the Egyptian gods (especially Horus, Isis and Osiris).

They represented the different facets of the human being, with the aim of leading him/her to assimilate his multidimensionality.

However, the population tended to honour the gods as omnipotent beings.

Only a few initiates were able to decipher the hieroglyphs and understand their deeper meaning.

What role for Egypt in the future?

Cairo is now one of the most populous megacities in the world.

Egypt is located on the energetic diagonal of the planet Earth, which connects the Gobi Desert to Easter Island.

Its energies and magnetic fields are powerful, and its temples promote spiritual awakening and initiations.

The Egyptian nation has a central role to play in the new world, particularly as an ambassador of peace.

However, this requires first an awakening of the consciousness of its people.



What are the secrets of ancient Egypt?

The ancient Egyptians are fascinating because they were particularly inspired. Their physical heritage speaks for itself.

The world of tomorrow will have to rediscover the ancient Egyptian wisdom.

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