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What are the akashic records?

It’s like the internet of the Universe! 😄

What are they ?

The akashic records are all the memories of the past, present and future.

They are also called :

  • Akashic archives
  • Akashic chronicles.
  • Akashic memory.

This is universal knowledge, recorded at an energetic level on the astral plane.

Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘space’.


What do the records contain?

As creator, I create my reality every moment.

Each of my creations, such as a thought, is forever written in stone.

Records collect all past, present and future information from all history:

  • Every thought.
  • Every word spoken.
  • Every emotion.
  • Every sound.
  • Every movement.

I can imagine the chronicles as a huge library, where all information is available in real time.

Why read the akashic memory?

Understanding the past helps to clarify some situations.

They also serve spiritual awakening.

In particular:

  • The origin of my traumas and emotions.
  • The path of life, or mission of the Soul.
  • Other incarnations.
  • The lives of my ancestors.
  • Karma.
  • Soul information.

I have access to records that may be useful to me.

Example : It is not useful to know what my great-grandfather thought when he got married. However, it may be useful to find out that he suffered injustice as a child, because I have inherited this emotional wound.

Accessing universal memory facilitates my realization as an embodied Soul.

Who can access the akashic record?

Everyone can access them.

Akashic memories are available for reading.

There is no need for a specific ritual or spiritual permission. The records are self-service.

Moine soleil arbre

How to access the akashic memory?


Accessing the records requires intuition.

Intuition can be developed through introspective work.

Otherwise, channeling can be disrupted by emotions.

Intuitive writing is a practical way to channel the necessary information.


Getting into a state of meditation and inner peace favors access to the akashic record.

Thus, I can receive images, sentences or sensations.


At the beginning of a spiritual journey, it is not easy to read the record.

In this case, I can call upon an akashic records practitioner.



What are the akashic records?

They are the recording of all the memories of the Universe.

Through introspection, I can awaken my intuition to access it.

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