My name is Geoffrey Métais.

I grew up in Paris.

I studied engineering, without much motivation.

I then took a two-year break to travel around the world.

When I came back, I worked as an engineer in the automotive, aerospace and IT industries, without much motivation.

Then one day I felt an inner call to leave my job.

It wasn’t easy, but for once I decided to listen to my heart 💙 rather than my brain.

I tried different things before I realized what I was passionate about: helping others.

I am now :

Geoffrey Metais Positive Change
Geoffrey Métais

I believe that before accompanying others, an inner work is necessary.

I have studied and practiced various therapies, which I combine:


Therapeutic hypnosis is a gentle method. It helps to unblock the causes of our discomfort in depth.

Resonance Repatterning

Resonance Repatterning comes from the United States. It is an innovative technique to understand the origin of our difficulties, and to transform ourselves.

Quantum Communication

Quantum Communication allows us to connect to everything around us. So I can channel, or connect with my consultant during a session.

I now specialize in emotions.

This blog was conceived with the objective of opening to :

  • Spiritual awakening.
  • Health.
  • Emotions.

Although I have a scientific background, most of the information on this website is not proven by science.

I use intuitive writing for the blog posts. The information I channel is filtered through the prism of my beliefs and memories: I cannot claim to hold the truth.

I am open to any suggestion for improvement. Also I am not a native English speaker, so if you spot any mistranslation, you can let me know 🙂

Femme plage

How to get better?

Life can be complicated.

How to smile again?

Sometimes you may need a helping hand on the way.

I help you to free yourself from your blockages, in order to take off.

Regain your power!

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