My name is Geoffrey Métais. I grew up in Paris, France. I studied engineering, without much motivation. Then I took a 2 years break to travel around the world. When I came back, I worked as an engineer in the automotive, aerospace and computer industries, without much motivation.

Then one day I felt an inner call to quit my job. It wasn’t easy, but for once I decided to listen to my heart 💙 rather than my brain.
I tried different things, before understanding what I was passionate about: accompanying others. I am now :

Emotional coach.
Intuitive advisor.
Geoffrey Métais

I believe that before helping others, an introspection is necessary. I have studied various therapies which I combine, including:

Resonance Repatterning

This innovative technique from the US enables to understand the origins of our difficulties, and to transform ourselves.


Therapeutic hypnosis is a gentle method. It helps to unblock the root causes of discomfort.

Quantum Communication

It allows me to connect to everything. Thus I can channel, or connect to my client during a session.

Medicinal plants

A shaman introduced me to the tradition of healing plants.

Chi Nei Tsang

This abdominal massage is powerful for exploring the emotions that block the organs.

Homme assis sourire


I am now specialized in emotions.

The independant blog is designed with the objective of opening to :
– Spiritual awakening.
– Health.
– Emotions.

Although I have a scientific background, the information on this site is not proven by science. I use intuitive writing for the blog posts. The information I channel is filtered through the prism of my beliefs and memories: I cannot claim to hold the truth.

I am open to any suggestion for improvement. Especially as English is not my native language, I may have mistranslated 🙂


Life can be complicated. How do you get back to smiling?
Sometimes you need a little help along the way.
I help you to free yourself from your blockages, so that you can take off.