7 reasons to stay at Amma’s ashram

8 if you count the mysterious elephant with supernatural powers! 🐘😄

1. Amma

Amma is an avatar, the incarnation of an already awakened being, returning to Earth to help humanity – just like Jesus or Joan of Arc.

Born in 1953 with a big smile in a modest fishing village, she demonstrated her spiritual abilities from an early age. She sang of her love for God and spent hours in deep meditation, much to the dismay of her family.

At the age of 22, she performed two miracles:

  • She took on the appearance of Krishna.
  • She changed water into milk, then into a sweet dessert in front of over 1000 people. Although there was only one pot, there was enough food to feed the entire crowd.

Following these events, her fame spread throughout India. She became a guru. In 1978, her disciples named her Mata Amritanandamayi – Mother of Eternal Ecstasy – and undertook the construction of the ashram.

Ashram Amma

2. Vibrations

The Amritapuri ashram is located in Amma’s birthplace, in the South Indian state of Kerala.

It’s a naturally high-vibration peninsula.

The Kali temple is located on an energy point favoring introspection.

What’s more, Amma’s presence on the premises drastically raises the vibrations.

3. Self-healing

These exceptional vibrations promote self-healing.

During darshan (Amma’s famous hug), tears are frequent. Emotional, energetic and spiritual blockages are dissolved in divine love.

In the ashram, many people experience healing crises. They are overwhelmed by emotions without knowing why.

During my stay at Amrita, I received 2 darshans, one on arrival and one on departure. In both cases, I felt a surge of emotions immediately afterwards, and went to my room to cry: emotional wounds ready to be accepted had come up.

4. Unconditional love

Amma is one of the few living human beings who gives unconditional love.

She cuddles everyone like a child, regardless of age, sex or skin color.

When she was a teenager, Amma was already giving hugs, including to men, which was frowned upon by Indian society. Her parents decided to allocate a space near the family home for her to give darshan. This space is still visible today.

Receiving darshan is a genuine experience of unconditional love, something we’re not used to.

Kali temple
Kali temple

5. Wisdom

As part of her mission to help humanity, Mata Amritanandamayi delivers luminous spiritual teachings.

Although her religion is Hindu, her message is universal.

According to her, we human beings suffer because we are prisoners of our desires and attachments.

By going within, we can realize that we are free, constantly connected to the Divine.

Amma encourages us to meditate, as a privileged way of experiencing that all is one and all is love.

In this way, we can be completely present, radiating love, joy, compassion and peace.

6. Meditation

The Amritapuri ashram is a privileged place for meditation.

Every day, devotees gather in Amma’s presence for a joint meditation.

Meditation courses are also offered.

Everything is done to encourage us to plunge deeper into ourselves.

7. Community life

An average of 2,000 people are present in the spiritual community, including around 1,500 Indians and 500 Westerners. Numbers vary according to the season.

In this well-organized monastery based on voluntary work, spiritual seekers and devotees rub shoulders and help each other in good spirits.

Some live here permanently, others come for a few days or months.

Everyone is welcome to join the ashram, and take advantage of their stay to experience a unique community life centered on Amma.



There are at least 7 reasons to stay at the Amritapuri ashram.

Amma’s loving presence offers the opportunity to experience unconditional love. She is a beacon on the path to spiritual awakening.

For those traveling to India, a stay on-site offers an inspiring time of rest and introspection.

Om namah shivaya!

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